White skin , blue eyes and a touch of western clothes is enough to fool the bigoted and drenched in racism western mainstream and social media  , seeing videos and images of a semetic Palestinian girl from the illegaly occupied Palestinian village of Nabi Saleh portrayed  as Ukrainian girl is an example recorded in the history. Recently her images from 2012 where she was only 11 years old and physically challenged the Zionist infront  of her with an iron like fist ,looking into his eyes ,were seen widely used by the Pro Ukraine fans, writing captions about the girls bravery and courage against Russian forces , as always westerners only focus on the skin colour and quickly claims it as their own without checking the facts , spreading immense amount of propoganda, Ofcourse With catchy captions , praising the girl , whom they saw as a Ukrainian.
Tamimi and her family have fearlessly stood up against the illegal occupation of their land , and Ahad in particular caught the attention of the world after she slapped an armed zionist occupier and was put into prison in 2017 for slapping an armed occupier of her land , who have a habit of barging in any time they please, haress and arrest the Palestinians . Her zealous and fearless protests have been recorded by many .

There’s no denial indeed Ahad is brave, an icon , standing up for her land , against the armed to teeth Europeans, who are not only occupying her land , but killing her people,  her own family is the victim of this barbarism and injustice.. but let’s get one undeniable fact straight, she’s a native  semetic Palestinian and not at all Ukrainian ,hope the White West understands that .

Now they’re using the language of resistance and images of freedom fighters , when it’s one of their own is endangered,  whilst for the East ,they had their lips sealed,  and above all they support only their Europeans who are the cause of terrorism in Palestine.. One must be careful, as images of fair Skinned and coloured eyed Afghans , Syrians, Palestinians have been and will be used as a propaganda by war machines and fools on social media.

Hence for us it’s an interesting joke , when did a semtic Palestinian turned into a European Ukrainian ?? when they couldn’t find anyone amongst their own showing courage ,  they blindly used someone else’s struggle… since they’ve been so busy with creating wars and lies from past 2 decades , they’ve lost this precious ability of resistance…and that’s how Ahad Tamimi became Ukrainian, when the west decided to shed tears for Ukraine and make Russia look like a weak war monger

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