Todays post is just a quick rant about a pressing issue …We come across many people in our lives who do not ask for help , but everything about them screams that they could use some help, not material help , they do not want money ,but time, although time is money, one cannot deny that.Probably we are living in the most selfish times of human history ,where we are connected to devices every second of whole day, but when it comes to consoling a friend, someone who is desperately seeking to speak to us , to sort out the thoughts that are bringing them down or the struggles they’re facing alone ,we simply abandon them.The same friends who reply to us instantly or used to keep making plans with us in the past suddenly outcast us , with a list of excuses. 

Isn’t it what they say ,those who wants to be with you create reasons to be with you and those who do not ,they’ll make excuses. Its not a shock that ratio of mental health issues is rising ,when you socially discard someone ,and then you continue to share how interesting your own life is with constant social media posts,its like adding fuel on fire. Because we are constantly in someone’s face .

Unfortunately that is one of the reasons of suicides aswell,  the social pressures and abandonment can drive some weak souls towards dangerous and life threatening choices. We regret our negligence later,  we begin to understand the intensity of their pain once we lose them, but by then there’s nothing left to do but only regrets to live with.

Care about people whilst you can , selflessly,  without any motive , without any personal gain , forsake of humanity and if you are a believer,  if you believe in any idea of a supreme deity , try to do good for his sake. But never abandon a friend in need,  never be deaf from a cry for help.

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