This proven fact that Islam sells ,any so called politician ,far-right member , those hiding  in the Basements , wannabe social media attention seekers,or an old crook in the neighbourhood seeking attention of the masses use Islam, tarnishing a religion that is practiced by billions of people peacefully ,you will have the attention of your own flock of vultures , who thrive on hatred. Right now in France disrespecting Islam, the religious practices of Islam like hijab , niqab , veil , call to prayer ,and the Muslims , an abnormality they’re working to make it a norm,The French, far right thinks that by doing so, they will be in the eyes of the public, like this Far right member Marine Le Pen, and this old man Eric Zemmour , a far right pundit and a presidential candidate in the coming elections , coming from an immigrant family himself,  he expects everyone to follow  the practice of his family, who abandoned their faith and identity to feel like French.
His recent comment to amuse the right wing nuts “I don’t want to hear the sound of Prayer in France, if I get elected” ,poor Zemmour has been trying this tactic since 1986, according to him, families who gives their children Islamic names ,are refusing to adopt french culture,one of his presidential promise includes, Banning the Islamic name “Muhammad ” . Pardon the sarcasm , when muslims in French football team brings them victory , come home with flying colours,  France has no problem,  but aside from that , their politicians and society thrives on bashing Islam.

It must be noted that sad woman Le Pen & wrinkly Zemmour are no different from the other far-right numbers that exist in the other parts of Europe , Like the comically orange Dutch
politician Geert Wilders ,who built his campaign on islamophobia and racism and according to the news sources his own mother and brother did not voted for him , as they were too embarrassed,
and that’s not just it but one of the member of his own party Joram Van Klaveren ended up embracing Islam,for years, Klaveren fought a relentless campaign in the Lower House against Islam in the Netherlands as a legislator for Wilders’ party ,or Arnoud van Doorn from the same party, hated Islam,  mocked it for years and later not only him but his son learned Islam, Found peace and truth in it .

Islam is not so weak ,that the mockery and impertinence of ignorants can fade it away , in fact more these people disrespect  religion of Islam, more other people get interested to learn about it, to understand it, to find if it is really that monstrous ,and as it happens a huge number of them end up embracing the same religion they started studying just to know if it is  a dangerous religion, it’s a reality, truth is always tested. Many people like to shut out the sunlight but they cannot do that the truth is mighty and Shine by its own light, like in the Quran Allah says :
They desire to extinguish Allah’s Light with their mouths but Allah will perfect His Light, though the disbelievers hate it.“(Surah Saff, verse 8)

Irony is  ignorance of these people has turned them Blind and deaf ,their ability to ponder is fading away they just want a quick way to get attention, so for them using a religion to divide and rule,to control the minds is much more convenient,but in reality when you gain something through hatred, divisions raising hostility and animosity, even if you achieve your goals temporarily, you will never be able to rule justly, because in order to stay in power you will continue to divide people ,and use them against each other. As the saying goes Nature can never be changed ,once a poisonous snake ,you will always be a poisonous snake, probably you are biting one group at the moment ,you will certainly be biting other groups soon, and the masses will face the music of their abysmal choices.

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