Anxiety is something so difficult to identify in the beginning that it confuses you even more ,not knowing the root cause, not being able to identify
why you are having difficulty in breathing ? why you cannot eat anything? why you feel like that you’re not even hungry, you have lost your appetite completely. You try to sleep knowing that you desperately need some rest but the minute you lie down you feel like not only you are unable to sleep , but the restlessness
makes you sit up ,all jittery and fidgety, or you sit down with your head between your legs, because you feel like unable to breath , or your stomach churns like someone has punched you in the guts .some anxiety attacks are very mild but the others lead to panic attack where you literally feel like perhaps your brain is exploding, you’ve lost your mind and the angle of death is on it’s way, the palpataions, sweating, numbness in the body ,you forgot a basic necessity that you have been doing your whole life “breathing” all you want to do is run away somewhere ,where there’s some oxygen available so you can feel life . Those moments are crucial, if you have experienced them you know what it’s like.

If you’re going through this, first thing you need to do is practice breathing, don’t stop the flow of oxygen to your brain, and then train your mind
to figure out the cause of these attacks, knowing the triggers is fundamental in order to begin the healing, sit down and talk to yourself,or talk to someone closer to you , use your words , put those painful thoughts in words and let them out of your system, discuss the real reason, talking to your family or friends helps considerably ,when you talk to strangers, someone who does not know the problem the depth of the issue you need to explain things to them. When you’re already confused and its sinking you down , so you need to talk to someone who you know cares ,who does not need much details and has some experience in handling you in the past Most of these panic attacks exacerbate when we ignore the triggers and do not prepare ourselves .

In Most cases ,loss of anything important demise of a relative, a pet, a friend or abandonment seems to be one of the biggest cause of these panic attacks, some bottled up stress, anything valuable to is slipping away , not knowing what to do next , because we are so engrossed in that pain that we cannot decide the way out of it, .For instance if a lover or a partner leaves us for someone else, someone we have loved, given our life to ,that person abandons us it’s not the abandonment that breaks us it is actually the lack of answers that beats us down, what we are going to do next ?will we ever be able to find somebody? Then begins the punishment, where we put ourselves on trial, where have I gone wrong ?is there something wrong with me ? This pattern will continue to keep going on we keep repeating the things of the past in your mind, we could see cannot find the answers that leaves us anxious and then our imaginations take control, where we imagine that lover having a perfect life ,moving on to new ventures ,whilst we are struggling with eating , sleeping and praying. This state of helplessness crushes our heart and soul .

It’s the same pattern with those who might have lost a job they loved , when they have to sit at home, whole day in their pajamas , struggling with their confidence, the degradation they went through, no future in sight , the negative and fuzzy thoughts leads to the state where anxiety and panic attacks crawls into. That’s the stage where one must take charge, begin working on a plan , something productive, small steps towards getting ducks in the row , focus on the bigger picture, begin from moving your body everyday , go for a run or few steps in the living room might flow the blood to the brain….
Listen to motivational lectures, whose words helps you calm down, guide and advice you , lifts your spirit, remember you have an open wound , time is the only healer, give yourself time, be gentle to your own soul , soon you’ll be back to sunshine and Roses, just remember, what doesn’t breaks you makes you stronger. And nothing in life stays forever, if the happy days are gone , the bad ones will pass too , keep breathing

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