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Are we so naive to believe that opium seeds from the Middle-East aren’t the same pills kids these days cheek on American streets. People have said for far to long that the opium epidemic’s source is right in our own bathrooms,  and the truth is when Americans open the doors to their medicine cabinets they are really peeping into an opium field in Afghanistan.

Over 80% of the opium in the world comes from Afghanistan. Even before America put boots on the ground the opium trade was booming. We can’t forget that this country has seen war tanks in their streets for decades,  a country in which war is becoming all they know. Afghanistan has one of the fastest growing militaries in the world and they are supported by NATO  and the United States. The State of Vermont is the drug capital of the United States which is shocking considering the state’s population. New England has been greatly effected by what states are calling the “Opium Crises” this has had a crippling effect on communities across New England. This drug has effected my own home and its a very personal issue to me that I am dedicated to defeating. I’m inspired by my father who fought his opium addiction for a long time. As a kid at first I was confused I didn’t understand how a substance could control the strongest figure in my life. I hated the dealers but I was fascinated by how it all worked so I studied them. I knew everything, I knew who the runners were, who had crack, who had weed so on and so forth. What my thirteen year old self discovered was that this was bigger, way bigger then I ever imagined. At my school NEARI in the Flats of Holyoke Massachusetts they taught us different, visually. everything was done on the computer and we all had our own log in name and password. This was the only  computer I had besides the public library and it was the first time I had ever logged in anywhere using my name and password, I felt special to be honest I had 9 brothers and sisters believe me the last thing on my moms mind was buying us the newest tech toys. NEARI (New England Adolescent Research Institute) and the programs they ran shaped my life for better or worse. I was sitting at my computer playing SimSafaris when the music teacher ran into the computer lab and put the T.V. on, it was a day that would change the world. I remember my teachers crying and me being very confused, school was cancelled and buses took us home, it was September 11th, 2001.

Once home I seen my mom staring at the T.V. she was also crying it was on that same day that I first heard this word terrorist being a kid with a thirst for knowledge I grabbed a dictionary and looked it up, the words I read were the very sadness and terror I seen, the panic and urgency I felt. There are two entities that we know have profited for sure from the war on terror is the military defense budget and Afghanistan’s opium trade which has only grown since this war started and it is known that the opium trade fuels terrorism around the world and on American streets as American gangs are fighting for control over this highly profitable trade.

Instead of dealing with this issue in a remedial way the Justice Department choses to continue to punish addicts instead of treating a medical problem medically they choose to punish individuals who have a disease or offer cheap treatment via methadone clinics which are located in the very ghettos the opium is booming from propelling this horrid cycle.

Some Doctors are no different from your common drug peddler on the streets. They are worse because they are FDA approved that’s Federal Drug Administration approved and to be fair it’s not all the FDA’s fault it’s the so-called professionals that put pen to paper prescribing fix after fix. Its despicable and discredits American medicine as a whole thus we as society have lost faith in our own doctors to correctly treat us instead its the exact opposite and this goes for all drugs, we as a nation are the highest producers of pills on the planet it should go as no surprise that we are facing loss of life and liberty in our streets. Let’s say the production of pills just stopped, dead. The American economy would fold because this is a multi-billion dollar industry that stretches the lengths of our world. Wether its testing medicines in third world countries or the huge global corporations that set up shady shell companies in tax havens like Panama or Ireland that then span out all over the world known as “ghost companies” meaning they set up in Ireland only using an address but never residing there the company can then operate out of the United States and avoid taxes in America. It is believed that if all the American shell companies in the world put just 5% of their wealth back into the US economy it would not only propel our economy but economies around the world. It is time to hold doctors but not only them their bosses as well who allow doctors to peddle drugs that are known to highly addictive with only a small warning on the pill bottle that warns you that the drug your taking can be addictive. We dont need warnings, we need to educate the public on the dangers of opium before we prescribe them and to not do so is medical malpractice at its best and those who are participating in this charade should face a court of law and let a jury of their peers decide if their practices violate their doctrines or medical licences, but removing them from practice sadly would have little effect on this mess because just like the criminal enterprises someone is always their to take over and keep the cycle in motion.


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Nano once asked me if there were moons in Heaven, I said I don’t know Nano. She said well your suppose to know!!!! Now we can rest easy knowing there’s a star in heaven for sure. Nano we wont stop…promise<3


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