#Justice4Adrian Tweetstorm!
When:May 20th, 2017
Time: 2-4 p.m. EST
Contacts:Twitter @firemanjohn628 @OpenThePrimary @PGHowie1
Purpose of Tweetstorm:
To reach out and bring awareness to #NationalMissingChildrensDay and the case of Adrian Jones #Justice4Adrian He’s known across the Kansas City metro as the boy who was fed to pigs.To Judy Conway, Adrian Jones was her grandson.
Officers found Conway’s 7-year-old grandson’s remains in a livestock pen. He lived at the home with six siblings and his killers: his father and step-mother, Heather Jones.  The children were isolated there under the guise of homeschooling.
If our child protection agencies were truly functioning as intended this tragedy would never happen. Please remember Adrian by getting involved in your community and on Social Media to highlight the plague of pedophilia and child abuse that is killing our children.
News story on Adrian’s case.  http://www.ktnv.com/longform/exclusive-surveillance-footage-captures-last-days-of-tortured-kck-boys-life
Directions for participating in
Hashtags are; #Justice4Adrian and #MissingKidsDay shorter version of National Missing Children’s Day
Try to send out as many different tweets as possible for 2 hours, or as long as you are able to. We have created some pre-typed tweets below.
Please be advised that  you have a limit of 250 tweets per hour, if you go past that, twitter  may place you in “twitter jail” and you would not be able to tweet for  1-12 hours.
When a participating in a Tweetstorm, just come here and move down the list, copy each tweet and paste into your tweet box. Better: Create your own tweets from the links!
#ChildRape #Pedophilia #ChildAbuse is being revealed to be occurring in epidemic proportions. As Adrian’s case shows the very agencies charged with protecting our children (State Child agencies, FBI, Local Police, State and Federal Governments) are either ignoring or participating in the abuse of our children.
Knowing this horror exists,the moral responsibility lies with each one of us, to make the safety and wellbeing of our children the Number One priority in our lives. First step is to educate yourself that this evil can and does exist. Simply Google #ChildTrafficking #PedophiliaNetworks #TheFranklinCoverup #MissingDCGirls #ElitePedophiliaRings After educating yourself speak with family members, clergy, local police, local government, everybody and anybody that will listen. The only way this dark cancer will be eradicated is by each individual shining a bright light of truth until this darkness is fully exposed. This abomination cannot exist in the light of day
Tweets to copy and paste, or use your own pertaining to Child Abuse or Trafficking.
Include pictures of Adrian that are available.
‪Don’t let Adrian Jones death be in vain STOP Child abuse and Child Trafficking! ‬
‪#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay ‬
REMEMBER Adrian Jones May 25th NationalMissingChildrensDay
‪#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay
Help Adrian Jones family recover from this tragedy that SHOULD have been avoided! https://www.gofundme.com/in-loving-memory-of-adrian-jones #Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay May 25th.
#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay May 25th
Send Kansas Child Protective Services a message REMEMBER ADRIAN JONES! https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/3542791/adrian-jones-fed-to-pigs-told-child-services/
#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay 5-25-17
#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay Surveillance footage captures last days of boy fed to pigs http://www.ktnv.com/longform/exclusive-surveillance-footage-captures-last-days-of-tortured-kck-boys-life
2.Remember Adrian Jones May 25th NationalMissingChildrensDay http://fox4kc.com/2017/05/11/successive-series-of-alarms-raised-in-adrian-jones-abuse-investigation-whose-parents-are-serving-life-for-murder/ … #Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay
3.Don’t let Adrian Jones death be in vain STOP Child abuse and Child Trafficking! http://fox4kc.com/2017/05/11/successive-series-of-alarms-raised-in-adrian-jones-abuse-investigation-whose-parents-are-serving-life-for-murder/ … #Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay
4.#Justice4Adrian #NationalMissingChildrensDay Videos Appear to Show Horrific Abuse Boy Faced Before His Death http://www.onenewspage.com/video/20170508/7447731/Videos-Appear-to-Show-Horrific-Abuse-Boy-Faced.htm
5.#Justice4Adrian #NationalMissingChildrensDay CHILD SERVICES FAIL/COVER UP – The Boy Abused Then Fed To Pigs. https://youtu.be/Rxv-rcjW8DE
6.#Justice4Adrian Kristy Barnes: Charge Willie Flowers! Justice for Adrian! – Sign Petition! https://twitter.com/birdychirps/status/864322232029458433
7.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay Life sentence for stepmom in death and ‘unbearable suffering’ http://www.thechildrenswalloftears.org/new/index.php/resources/articles/1335-adrian-jones-starved-to-death-apparently-fed-to-pigs
8.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay New Details Emerge In Case of Boy Whose Body Was Allegedly Fed to Hogs https://twitter.com/WICKEDXWAYS1972/status/863497518759370753
9.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay Adrian: The untold story of the boy fed to pigs https://youtu.be/GbEkt66OjEA
10.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay ‘Daddy keeps hitting me’: Boy killed, told authorities about abuse http://myfox8.com/2017/05/12/daddy-keeps-hitting-me-boy-who-was-killed-fed-to-pigs-told-authorities-about-abuse/
11.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay The untold story of the boy fed to pigs, part 2 http://www.onenewspage.com/video/20170503/7411767/The-untold-story-of-the-boy-fed-to.htm
12.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay Adrian Jones: untold story of boy fed to pigs | REACTION https://youtu.be/WSzSp0ydiEs
13.#Justice4Adrian TORTURE #adrianjones SUFFERED WHY DID #DCF FAIL TO ACT? https://twitter.com/birdychirps/status/864308582061420548
14.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay The untold story of the boy fed to pigs, part 3 http://www.onenewspage.com/video/20170504/7420258/The-untold-story-of-the-boy-fed-to.htm
15.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay Boy abused & fed to SIGN PETITION https://twitter.com/michlynnc/status/860461602293862401
16.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay Kansas man sentenced for killing son, 7, found among pigs http://www.cbsnews.com/news/kansas-man-sentenced-for-killing-son-7-found-among-pigs/
17.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay Surveillance Footage Captures Last Days Of Boy Fed To Pigs! http://991kggi.iheart.com/onair/qui-west-56644/surveillance-footage-captures-last-days-of-15807954/
18.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay Murdered 7 Year Old Complained To CPS 2 Years Before Being Fed To Pigs https://youtu.be/1Pmm-TfrkNs
19.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay Documents say Adrian Jones told social worker about abuse https://youtu.be/7ctrbcyKrAU
21.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay Stepmom of Missing 7-Yr-Old Boy Who Was Fed to Pigs is Arrested http://www.insideedition.com/headlines/13504-stepmom-of-missing-7-year-old-boy-who-was-reportedly-fed-to-pigs-is-arrested
22.#Justice4Adrian # Kansas dad admits he killed son fed to pigs http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/04/03/kansas-dad-admits-killed-son-fed-to-pigs.html
23.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay Adrian Jones’ grandma reacts to Michael Jones’ sentence-life in prison http://www.kansascity.com/news/local/crime/article149363874.html
24.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay Life sentence for stepmom in death and ‘unbearable suffering’ http://www.thechildrenswalloftears.org/new/index.php/resources/articles/1335-adrian-jones-starved-to-death-apparently-fed-to-pigs
25.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay Sick US couple recorded abuse of Adrian Jones, 7, then fed him to pigs http://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/news/article.cfm?c_id=2&objectid=11852056
26.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay Videos reportedly show gruesome abuse before child was fed to pigs http://www.kmbc.com/article/videos-reportedly-show-gruesome-abuse-before-kck-child-was-fed-to-pigs/9579022
27.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay Inside house of horrors-Boy 7, ‘murdered by father and stepmother http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3360017/Inside-home-Michael-Heather-Jones-accused-killing-7-year-old-child.html
28.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay man receives life sentence for ‘beyond horrific’ killing, of 7-year-old http://globalnews.ca/tag/adrian-jones/
29.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay Kansas Man Admits to Killing 7-Year-Old Found Near Pigs https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/kansas/articles/2017-03-31/kansas-man-admits-to-killing-7-year-old-found-near-pigs
30.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay EXCLUSIVE: Evil father of 7-year-old Adrian Jones http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4477594/Horrific-images-tortured-Kansas-boy-Adrian-Jones.html
31.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay Slain Kansas boy who was fed to pigs told authorities about abuse http://cjonline.com/news/2017-05-11/records-slain-kansas-boy-who-was-fed-pigs-told-missouri-authorities-about-abuse
32.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay Videos reportedly show gruesome abuse of young boy who was fed to pigs http://www.torontosun.com/2017/04/28/videos-reportedly-show-gruesome-abuse-of-young-boy-who-was-fed-to-pigs
33.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay ‘Imagine the screams,’ detective says as dad is sent to prison http://www.kansascity.com/news/local/crime/article149316569.html
34.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay The suffering Adrian endured yet Kansas DCF FAILED TO PROTECT HIM https://twitter.com/lisa_cardon/status/864657672985083908
35.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay Life sentence for stepmom in death of KCK boy fed to pigs http://www.kansascity.com/news/local/crime/article114641128.html
36.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay Second arrest in case of missing boy cops fear was killed, fed to pigs http://www.cbsnews.com/news/another-arrest-in-case-of-missing-child-cops-fear-was-fed-to-pigs/
37.#Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay Grandmother agonizes over videos that show torture-boy fed to pigs http://newsok.com/article/5547470
http://38.Help Adrian Jones family recover from this tragedy that SHOULD have been avoided! https://www.gofundme.com/in-loving-memory-of-adrian-jones #Justice4Adrian #MissingKidsDay May 25th.

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