Many people when they become successful or get noticed  their rivals dig out the mistakes of their past , bring out the skeletons from the closet.It could be envy , insecurity,  spite or it could be to share that your past might be your future aswell. Its true,  racists , chavunists, biased ones , seek attention and validation to spread their ideology,  but when this category of people begin a new chapter , the wrong doings , lapses , misconducts of the past pops up. For instance, An Australian journalist  CJ werleman , with his past of Islamophobic & racist ideas is often facing the criticism by many , despite his effort to change or Any politician , who has a history of unlawful,  dodgy activities is always afraid to see someone digging it out & ruining the  career.On the other hand, there are bigots , who get attention of their mind like shallow group & they are still on the same page , and misleading others aswell , they need to be exposed & reprimanded. In my humble opinion,  there might be individuals who need to be reminded the unacceptable actions of the past  ,causing great distress to others  so they mend their actions,  or atleast become an example for others who need that , but bringing out bones to mortify and belittle is unnecessary & futile. Growing up is a process full of ignorance,  slip ups , blunders , but if you have learned & mended it,  then anyone who brings out that part of your life is merely an envious soul who cannot digest the new you .

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