One of my Afghan friends asked me for a stroll on the freezing winter night to the seaside,  I went along with her, as I could see she was clearly melancholic that day, she was quiet so I refrained from asking questions,  we kept sitting together silently staring at the wide sea, she lost in her thoughts, after a while she finally spoke and said to me ” I don’t care if there are Taliban in Afghanistan, or I’ll be forced to wear a burqa, and there’s no life, jobs, and opportunities in Afghanistan,  but if I could,  just want to go back to my country, where atleast I have my own home , my childhood memories,  and no one will tell me that I’m a foreigner.”

If you’ll do a quick search about Afghanistan, you’ll find out what a vandalised,  wreck, the USA has turned the country into, after they realised it’s a sinking ship,  and the world will not let them stay much longer in Afghanistan, where they never wanted to leave but stay near the US military’s beloved opium fields, besides the control of the region,  creating and training territories opium is one of the biggest reason the USA never wanted to leave Afghanistan, USA fled and now that land is left with nothing but a disaster. 

The flash floods,  Earthquakes,  winter spells are adding into it,  according to a statement on 7 January 2022. Afghan Provinces such as Khost, Paktia, Logar, Nangarhar, Laghman, Panjshir, Nuristan, Kunar, and Badakhshan were expected to be hit with chances of flash floods. The trials and tests of nature are adding more into this already drastic situation, Measles cases continue to rise with over 1,000 cases identified during the reporting period, hospital beds are crammed, lack of facilities as patients’ family members squats on floors to wait, The doctors are desperately fleeing the country,

According to a report published on February 3, 2022, 22.8 million people – half of the population – are projected to be acutely food insecure in 2022,
1 including 8.7 million at risk of famine-like conditions,4.7 million children, pregnant and lactating women at risk of acute malnutrition in 2022, All 34 provinces are facing a crisis or emergency levels of acute food insecurity.
Before the U.S.-backed Afghan government disintegrated in 2021 as the Taliban overran the country, the health system relied on international aid to survive. But much of that funding has been frozen to comply with sanctions imposed on the Taliban.

For 2 decades, the west destroyed a country based on their self created lies, and their media boasting about the aid they claim they’ve been sending,  when the infrastructure is not just destroyed but there’s no chance of rebuilding it in sight,  the Afghans are fleeing the country perilously.  Youth is disappointed and lost and the elders have nothing to give, above all that is hopelessness that how long it’ll continue to be like this.
The western media and politicians are entirely making the Taliban responsible for this state while neglecting the fact that it was the  West & USA who created this group,  used them against the Soviets, and later nominated them as a threat. Started an endless war for 2 decades,  made millions of natives flee for their lives . It’s the wars of the West fought on Eastern lands. God knows when Afghanistan will ever have some peace and prosperity.

p.s: This image above is a malnourished Afghan child, shared by the NY Times.

By Khush

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