The creation of humans started with a Concern, when they angles asked the creator of heavens and earth, “Will You place upon it one who causes corruption therein and sheds blood, while we declare Your praise and sanctify You?” (2:30) , Today the world is in a drastic state, instead of making it a better place , we’re turning it into a hell , that’s the kind of world we’ll give to our coming generations, according to a HRW report ,in Yemen,  “In 2021, Save the Children reported that between 2018 and 2020 a quarter of all civilian casualties were children. More than 1.5 million of Yemen’s 4 million displaced people are children, and hundreds of thousands of children have become migrants or sought asylum abroad.”

The highest number of casualties are children and women, since the war on Yemen started , education of children is a distant idea, according to Red Cross report in 2021 About 3 million children are unable to attend school , with 8.1 million needing urgent educational assistance.

How can they think about education and school,when they are striving to stay alive and keep their families alive ,provide them food and hope that their shelter does not blow up with the next airstrikes, where 16.2 million people – around half the population – are food insecure . We humans were created to bring good to the world, but we are doing what the angles feared we’ll do to the earth, While all other living beings lives peacefully here , we’ve achieved powers to eradicate not only fellow humans but destroy the lives and habitats of all living beings. Though the one who created us knows that among us there are still innumerable who are still holding the promise, but those who are corrupting the earth despite their small number they’re able to carry out atrocities and bloodshed and injustice because they’re not challenged enough , so they are doing as they please. If we’ll continue on this path , we’ll be left with nothing but remorse and a inhabitable planet for our coming generations.

The faces of those children in warzones or living under illegal occupation are already unbearable to witness, their psychological condition is unimaginable, and our defending silence is unforgivable. Our silence is what’s continuing this violence.

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