The more you wake up, The more Palestinian you’re becoming !!

During the Corona virus lockdown days, I heard my Palestinian friends from Gaza responding to me that for them its going to be almost a decade living under a siege, their everyday is lockdown, their movement is confined ,they cannot see their families living in the next city, they cannot leave Gaza even if they desperately & urgently need a medical treatment and above that they are bombed whenever their occupiers feel like dropping ammunition on them.

It’s a coincidence that a British friend of mine pointed out the same thing, said something like, that this virus has turned us all into Palestinians, he always tried to fathom the idea that how the Palestinians In Gaza are living ? Their movement extremely restricted, no jobs , no facilities, and no hope for future. Now he could relate to them , when he’s experiencing confinement, restrictions and among all severe depression due to this lockdown, though the siege in Gaza is more exasperating & nerve shattering.

According to UNICEF report, if you’re a 6 year old Palestinian you’ve already lived through 3 separate wars , nearly 1 in 2 children in Gaza suffers psychological distress. When the protestors in the west are complaining about endless lockdowns, among them are loads of those who have never read or uttered a word for Gaza . Whilst complaining about economic and financial issues, we need to remember how more than 2 million humans are imprisoned for almost a decade now, their water is polluted, their crops are sprayed with poisonous chemicals, their homes are destroyed, supplying basic items inside Gaza is another gruelling task.

Moreover, This virus is seen to silence the masses aswell, now you’re not allowed to gather and call out those in power , they can continue wars ,malpractice, misrule ,make policies to suffocate masses , but you’re not allowed to stand outside their buildings and protest , because they’ve a reason to lock you up at home…. you’re a Palestinian & The whole world is Gaza now.

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