While asking for some information from a Turkish citizen , and receiving a rude reply,One of my Somali friend said something very simple  ,yet profoud
“Majority of these people never travel abroad, most of them don’t even know the next city,  their lives are so limited , they don’t know how to treat anyone who is not one of them “
That’s an absolute reality of anyone who’s been living in a pond for years & only accept the frogs from their own pond , anyone or anything else is alien to them .

People who travel frequently or atleast rarely ,it had a huge impact on their abilities to understand, respect accept differences , they emphathize more with others , as their vision is broader than the pond frogs , traveling helps us to become familiar with the unfamiliar and also unfamiliar with the familiar,  which means  we think that we know something ,but in reality we either don’t know it well or otherwise needee to be  changed , that’s when the familiar becomes unfamiliar.
Travelling gives us opportunities to learn new things,  new behaviours & while doing that the universe & its elements teach us about our own short comings & weaknesses  ,which makes us more empathetic & understanding towards others .when we remember our own hardships & adversity  ,we help others better.Travel & undo what you know & add more in what you want to know.

“Travel brings power and love back into your life” ~ Rumi

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