On every land where the unfortunate homeless,whom we call refugees have travelled to ,you can hear the whining and complaints of those who have been living in the luxury of peace and have no idea how its like to leave your life you’ve loved for generations,  every penny you’ve worked for to build a home , your memories and from your tinniest to your biggest item you own , from your favorite blanket to your hometown , your street , the coffee shop you loved to visit ,and everything on your own land , more importantly your pride & dignity.

Few years ago there was a twitter storm on twitter #LifeOfRefugees  , sharing how dreadful, distressing & harrowing details of the refugees , how much mental and physical Inconvenience they go through.
And not just that , whatever horrors they face on their own land is one thing, but this nightmare is endless for them , when they pack and drag themselves to their nearby lands , there begin another misery,  They don’t know from where they can begin , how they are going to provide for themselves and their families,  and above all that the amount of hatred , racism , language & communication barriers they face , the ignorance & arrogance they tolerate makes everything unbearable.

This statement hurled by the uncompassionates “Go back to your land” or “you are taking away our jobs ” or ” we have surge in crime rate since refugees arrived ” is absolutely excruciating.
Walk two steps in the shoes of these unfortunate ones and you will never be able to repeat those words.

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