The Glib Muslim World

As a believer and trying each day to practice my faith , I will say this with a heavy heart and a disappointed sigh that the muslim world is not devoid of racism and hatred , xenophobia is spread like wildlife on lands where they took refugees. We might preach others , claim to be … Continue reading The Glib Muslim World

A Heartless Society

Today's post won't be long perhaps, just a heartbreaking rant and rave. The heartlessness and selfishness of humans is appalling. Whilst searching came across this post on Facebook,  shared by an account from Turkey , showing clicks of two boys having a brawl in the middle of the busy street . The account wrote that … Continue reading A Heartless Society

Treat People Like That & See how Everything Changes

Few months ago while talking to my mother I said "now I understand why some people use antics and drama to get what they want , because loads of time chances are they're pushed back so badly that they seek survival in cleverness & playing others back" Then today, I was listening to Hamza Yusuf … Continue reading Treat People Like That & See how Everything Changes

walk 2 steps in their shoes

On every land where the unfortunate homeless,whom we call refugees have travelled to ,you can hear the whining and complaints of those who have been living in the luxury of peace and have no idea how its like to leave your life you've loved for generations,  every penny you've worked for to build a home … Continue reading walk 2 steps in their shoes