Few months ago while talking to my mother I said “now I understand why some people use antics and drama to get what they want , because loads of time chances are they’re pushed back so badly that they seek survival in cleverness & playing others back”

Then today, I was listening to Hamza Yusuf Hanson, a brilliant speaker & knowledgeable scholar ,in that video he shared a verse of Quran, from Chapter of Prophet Yusuf PBUH( Joseph) ,verse no 28  إِنَّ كَيْدَكُنَّ عَظِيمٌ”٨” “surely your plot is great/vast /intricate” addressing the women who planned to get attention of Prophet Yusuf in her way .

The Arabs of that time and men now says , plotting is womens nature ,and use the reference of this verse (if they’re Muslim or have read the Quran ) whilst the commentator says ,when you oppress people when you take away their rights, they end up going to trickery ,and to machinations to get what they want  because they can’t get them any otter way .

We complain about oppressed people, the  unfortunate ones,using antics , we label them ill-mannered,uncivilised quickly,  without realising perhaps it was our treatment to them that they ended up creating and using these tricks ,if a house servant not paid well & burdened with work might seek relief from stealing or lying, a women or a man ignored and disrespected by their spouse might feel inclined towards different sorts of inclinations.A refugee or immigrant on foreign land, using wrong ways to keep bread on the table or stay alive.

Although,any wrong doing in response to the injustice and ill treatment is never a good justification, but we must not ignore the fact that sometimes we are pushing others towards darkness & plotting , end up with strategies that are harmful.

Treat others with respect and honor ,if you expect them to respond to you in that way .
From our lives inside the house to the outer world,  we need to establish these values ,honor others faith and believes  their personalities.Do not use your power to Make them feel small ,that they end up doing what they’ve never wanted to do.

by Khuş , Editor-at-large WEDA

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