“Imma be honest
You da baddest
What’s saddest
Is you know all your angles
But you stuck in this tangle
Where you don’t think your able
To be more than what you are right now
But baby
Nothing is impossible
It really could be you and me
One day
But not today
And I can live with that
I can watch from a far
I’ll hold my feelings
Til I have you believing
In yourself
And your rare beauty
I know you don’t need no help
But that ain’t Gon stop me
From the gutter
And the trenches
But girl
I’ll still be the prince to your princess.
Me and you
The richest
We Gon kill it
Every red carpet
Every gala
It’s gonna
Be us
You and I”

Aliyah Marie with her expressive & exploring spirit ,is trying to give her soul a voice through music ,she writes music when she’s in a mood, her own amazing way of processing her feelings. An inspiration indeed

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