Came across this image shared by a #Yemeni friend on twitter , an activist living in the warzone, explaining how war on #Yemen has changed everything, this merciless massacre has driven yemen to the caveman era. Wars take away the years of hardwork & life and never bring peace ,regardless of what war monger politicians claim , as Ernest Hemingway rightly said

“Never think that war, no matter how necessary, nor how justified, is not a crime.”

— 1946

Hemingway was 18 years old, when he volunteered to be an ambulance driver for WWI. He suffered physically and mentally from the horrors of war ,As a novelist, he used his writing to show the barbarism wars brings.

Starvation , hunger , diseases, depression , destruction is what happening from yemen ,Syria to Iraq, Afghanistan Somalia, Libya and elsewhere, where bombs are dropped mercilessly. Humans in war zones struggle to keep their limbs intact & keep their families alive. And everything else is just forgotten.

Thought the yemenies are fighting this with bravery courage & creativity , making ways to keep floating & paddling their canoe in these dark days ,Like this man in the picture on the horse.

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