Our spirit has colours, for some it takes life to understand their colours, some only see black and white and grey, but life is more than that , I can explain that , for instance , some people meet others and instantly judge them , they have only two columns black and white in their minds , you’re either good or bad ,dark or plain, they are devoid of the ability to see more..

I drew this picture in black on a white sheet, but couldn’t stop myself from literally spilling colours on it , just like I do with humans, when I meet them and they show me their few colours only, on my own canvas in my mind I am always adding colours, telling myself that wait , have patience, there’s always more , especially when the heart is set on that soul , one must always add colours, because the heart refuses to accept the abandonment…. if they’re not full of colours , add your own to keep the connection.

The butterflies attracts my soul ,as delicate they are ,so many colours and beauty , yet no pride , have the shortest life span , they spend it kissing one flower to another , and ask for nothing in return… selfless they are, isnt it … though Muhammad Ali , the great boxer he was but perhaps fascinated by the butterflies, said “Float like a butterfly, sting like a Bee” , my guess is , he added the sting like a Bee line to remind himself that be delicate and cute but when someone messes with your wings , don’t let them go away without tasting a sting ha !!!

The bulbs in this picture reminds me of a Turkish song ,like an inspiration ” Birden geldin aklıma yakıverdin ışıkları,Hayret ettim kalbime bazen mutluluktan” which means , ” Suddenly you came into my mind, you turned on the lights,Sometimes i wonder that how my heart is happy like that?” … we all know how the soul brightens up when we are connected to another that calms us , lightens us up , and the flutters of butterflies we feel inside ..keep the lights on , the colours bright and feel the loveliness of a butterfly… don’t let anyone take away your light and ability to flutter

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