walk 2 steps in their shoes

On every land where the unfortunate homeless,whom we call refugees have travelled to ,you can hear the whining and complaints of those who have been living in the luxury of peace and have no idea how its like to leave your life you've loved for generations,  every penny you've worked for to build a home … Continue reading walk 2 steps in their shoes

Yemen! Ride to survive

Came across this image shared by a #Yemeni friend on twitter , an activist living in the warzone, explaining how war on #Yemen has changed everything, this merciless massacre has driven yemen to the caveman era. Wars take away the years of hardwork & life and never bring peace ,regardless of what war monger politicians … Continue reading Yemen! Ride to survive

Build lives

At the end of the gruelling work day, it's the experience you had there is going to determine your time at home alone or with your family, your meal , your conversation . If everything went well, your boss didn't uselessly criticised or degraded over burdened you ,or your coworkers didn't showed the haughtines, venomous, … Continue reading Build lives

Ignored Cries Of Yemen

I'll not state numbers of casualties,  the statistics of innocents butchered, houses destroyed, lights in lives extinguished in #Yemen, or get into the gibberish blame Game.I'll vent out about the selfish silence of the world,  the ignorance & numbness, they're turning a blind eye & ear to this hell going on for almost 9 years … Continue reading Ignored Cries Of Yemen

Don’t forget to smile…

"Smile " It has a power to Make the mountains go soft ... But it's not that easy,  especially when you know that you're suffering,  you know you cannot smile , you don't want to smile .Moreover ,In the present times , the hectic lives , competition,  stress at work & stress in relationships is … Continue reading Don’t forget to smile…

I Belong !!

Yearning to keep one's roots alive is real, to know from where you are,  your ancestors, your history, culture,  the way meal was served, guests were welcomed,  seasons  & events were celebrated, homes were decorated, the spirits & wise words of the elderly transferred to generations after generations. Connection to our beginnings connects us with … Continue reading I Belong !!

The Fading Ability

We are living in the world where human beings walk with their heads s down, eyes glued to their cell phone screens, most of the time people are looking for the messages or calls or emails they're expecting, or YES checking locations while doing that they don't notice anything around them like in the previous … Continue reading The Fading Ability

The Modern world slavery

The modern people believe that slavery has ended, it is story of the past we have moved on to a new era ,where we don't have that barbaric practice of dehumanizing Humans, but they're forgetting something. In the morning world slavery is still practiced it is practiced in a way that you cannot even scream … Continue reading The Modern world slavery