I’ll not state numbers of casualties,  the statistics of innocents butchered, houses destroyed, lights in lives extinguished in #Yemen, or get into the gibberish blame Game.
I’ll vent out about the selfish silence of the world,  the ignorance & numbness, they’re turning a blind eye & ear to this hell going on for almost 9 years now, it’s living beings dying there, starving each day, not just humans beings but even animals.
Neglected & left to die in front of the eyes of the world.
leaders of the world Have blindfolds on their eyes, but that doesn’t concern me, as they never care, it the silence of WE THE PEOPLE, that breaks heart,  how can we not stand up,  try to do at least 1 thing, say 1 word,  maybe if we begin screaming together it turns into roar & ends that havoc that’s wrecked on the armless souls who haven’t done any harm.

I’ll add here, as a Muslim myself, it ashames me, the silence of the Muslim world,  some Bury their heads in the sand with sectarian justifications others are indifferent & show no concern.

Like William Faulkner said

“Some things you must always be unable to bear. Some things you must never stop refusing to bear. Injustice and outrage and dishonor and shame. No matter how young you are or how old you have got. Not for kudos and not for cash: your picture in the paper nor money in the bank either. Just refuse to bear them”


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