The holy month of Ramadan has brought some welcoming news , although temporary,  but the people of Yemen will have break from constant bombing and violence on their land , the seige and starvation, according to a Yemeni friend ” Sana’a airport will be open for two flights every week and two oil vessels will be allowed to enter Hodeidah port. Apparently there were dialogue via the UN between Houthis and Saudis , it’s a 2 months truce “

Reading this brought tears of joy in my eyes, and without waiting an instant , I ran to confirm the news from other sources , Bel Trew , a journalist in Lebenon , who wrote on her Twitter account,  “The United Nations has confirmed a two month truce in #Yemen will start tomorrow. Amazing news amid this darkness. This ceasefire can be renewed as well. Let’s hope it is. Yemen still remains the largest humanitarian crisis in terms of numbers in the world.” Hope it’s not temporary , but a beginning towards permanent peace.

Furthermore here are the words of UN secretary general, António Guterres, who said he hoped the truce would pave the way toward peace, moreover he added: “We know that these agreements are always fragile.” Hence these governments have the power to ensure lasting ceasefire.

Since the merciless war started in Yemen on the 26th of March 2015, where 400,000 civilians murdered and 17 million more starving to death, this merciless war on Yemen has driven Yemen into stone age. Yemen war has been the most forgotten war in the history of past 2 decades , where it took enormous efforts by the activists to get the attention of mainstream media .

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