The holy month of Ramadan teaches us several things about our bodies and mind , to begin with,  hunger is not something one can easily control,  many have anger empowering them when they’re hungry , like a starving panther,  they’re ready to attack anyone daring to annoy them . Most people due to starvation end up misbehaving with their families, only after when their bellies are  filled they’re able to think straight.

One of the blessings of this holy month of Ramadan is that human minds takes control , as “Fast” in Arabic is “صوم” (sawm) , which literally means , a barrier or resist, and once we tell our brains that we are fasting , the whole body surrenders to this one commitment. Indeed , all Abrahamic faiths have been blessed with this precious gift. Where the believers only for the sake of love and in obedience  of the order of their creator refrain from food,  water ,moreover avoid foul language,  wrong deeds aswell. As fasting is not just a barrier between food and water but it trains us to give up other evils and sins aswell.

The purpose of this sacred months is to cleanse our bodies and soul .One must not forget charity , and  helping the unfortunates ones , as compassion and empathy is the core message of this month. The last and final Prophet of God, Muhammad PBUH said , ” Shield yourselves from Hellfire even by giving half a date in charity.” , that’s how much emphasise is on charity , especially during the month of Ramadan the reward for every good deed is doubled , this is an amazing opportunity to earn more blessings.

During this month, one must make a list for themselves , your own Ramadan goals, a resolution for your soul ,mind and body, focus on renewing their relationship with the creator,  give more charity , learn and understand Quran ,give up bad habits and behaviours,  be more forgiving and humble . You’ll surely be a better person at the end of this month,not only for your ownself but for others aswell.

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