Wars have no mercy, the destruction and obliteration is limitless once it begins. Yemeni architecture is unique and distinctive, the details and patterns are absolutely stunning,  as Yemeni builders are known as wonderful builders ,their eye for creativity and detail is eye catching,the ornate arched window frames and external geometric decorations exhibits the architectural magnificence and the Yemeni heritage. Since the merciless war started in Yemen on the 26th of March 2015, where 400,000 civilians murdered and 17 million more starving to death.The Yemeni architecture is also under attack. As 101 archaeological sites and landmarks have been reported damaged and destroyed till February 2019.

This drawing is to remind the world about the forgotten war on Yemen, asking for their attention through art ,using the language of colours towards Yemen, where from 7 years United Sates and United Kingdom’s backed war and siege against Yemenis is still continued. These governments are slaughtering, Arming and guiding the Saudi government to continue the genocide of civilians. Dragging Yemen to stone age,  its not just a war on humans but a centuries old tradition and culture aswell.

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