The horrendous war that has driven the magnificent and diverse land of Yemen, full of culture and traditions, into stone age , where the Saudi’s in alliance with US & British governments are carrying out human degeneration in its worst form , not just bombing the Yemenis with impunity,  but the nefarious way they’re starving from humans to animals aswell by imposing seige on Yemen, which is heartbreaking.

When I speak to my Yemeni friends and they sadly shares how this war is destroying their centuries old culture and history,I feel that despondency.
I would like  to share one of the most noticeable heritage of Yemen ,their dagger,  in Arabic “Jambiya” , The people of Yemen have other names for the jambiya aswell,  ‘asib and tuza. The first refers to the type worn by tribesmen and ordinary people in the towns, while the second is applied to those worn by the aristocrats or chieftains.

An artistically designed dagger , with creative carvings, that some even pay millions of Yemeni rials for an original Jambiya,  which the yemenies has customarily been wearing exactly in front of the body from centuries and still continue to do so .The handle is the most important part of the jambiya, the best ones are made of rhinoceros horn ,and indeed expensive .Janbiya is a heritage rooted in Yemen’s history ,in the west it’s the tie , a sign of proper and elegant dressing for men , but in Yemen its their dagger ,interestingly people recognize that you come from a good family based on the jambiya you carry . From the elegant Yemeni dresses to Yemeni food and colours , their tradition and  culture is worth noticing,  despite the war they’re bravehearts and struggling to keep their colours, art,traditions alive beautifully.Furthermore , it is a tool they dance with,the traditional Yemeni dance, the dagger symbolizes strength and independence, the men show their dominance and importance through this dagger,that they wear with belt around their waists , absolutely stunning and stylish in its own way.

While drawing this I felt like doing something for Yemen, a tiniest effort of keeping that vibrant tradition alive and spreading it around the world, a nonviolent and peaceful way of bringing attention towards the ignored cries of Yemen,  their desperation and helplessness, that rips my heart apart, the hypocrisy of the world is already shattering,  where according to The World Food Program estimates that half of all the country’s children under 5, about 2.3 million kids, are at risk of acute malnutrition, with 400,000 at risk of dying if they don’t receive treatment . Hope and pray to witness peace in Yemen …with love for Yemen

By Khuş – Editor at-large WEDA

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