I was listening to Stephen Colbert and he smoothly suggested with gusto , about Will Smith slapping the comedian Chris Rock, after Chris made a joke about Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett ,that “if you really wanna hurt a comedian, don’t laugh, that hurts way more than a punch “. Absolutely, that would have been a better response. When millions of people are watching you , a huge portion of human beings looking up to you,  learning from your actions and reactions, you cannot act with such a street swaggering attitude and violence oozing out. Although his emotional explanation  might touch the hearts of many , but c’mon , every single human on planet earth is suffering , we are all dealing with pain and heartache. There mustn’t be any explanation for such thuggish attack.

On the other hand ,the media got something interesting to spiral up their ratings , just like Russia and Ukraine crisis made the world forget coronavirus completely, nowadays everywhere it seems like “what’s coronavirus ?” Just like that, Will Smith, with his unnecessary belligerence has forced the attention towards that slap he gave to Chris Rock.Now everywhere you check on social media or mainstream media,you cannot ignore that slap .

Infact ,that slap reminded me of another slap, when a semetic Palestinian girl Ahad Tamimi, slapped armed to teeth terrorists on her land ,this incident occurred on her family’s property, hours after Israeli Zionists shot her 15-year-old cousin in the face with a rubber bullet .Unlike Will Smith, who was awarded with an Oscar, Ahad was put in the Zionists dungeon for that slap .Although it’s a white man’s suffering that brought attention towards that slap again , when the Europeans while desperately trying to make the world cry for their white skinned and coloured eyed Ukrainians ,used Ahad’s images, after they falsely took mistook her as one of their own , because of her skin colour.

It’s heartbreaking to witness these double standards, the pain of those living under illegal occupation and oppression is also real ,the ignored cries of Innocents in Yemen also asks for slaps in the faces of all those warmongers who fuel and wage those illegal wars, and their nations who refuse to stand up against this brutality. When activists are trying every trick to bring a little bit of attention towards the forgotten war on Yemen.  Will Smith can get that with a slap and shedding few tears.

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