According to the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project, the death toll from the war in Yemen is 56,000 deaths and not the widely asserted 10,000 deaths from the conflict as put forth by the United Nations. Journalist and researchers who have followed the growing humanitarian crisis in Yemen have often ridiculed the fact that death toll numbers have not changed since 2017.

The information collected and put forth by the ACLED Project directly contradicts the information put forth by the United Nations and parroted by Congressional leaders. The goal of misleading the public on the carnage of the war in Yemen paves the way for European and Western nations to weasel away from any blame regarding the death of over 50,000 people.

It’s not a coincidence that the killing of a journalist or the deaths of civilians in Syria is covered to no end meanwhile, the slaughter of innocent men, women, and children in Yemen receives very little coverage. Obtaining information on the war in Yemen is notably hindered by Saudi Arabia, activist raising awareness of the war in Yemen are censored on social media platforms and targeted by Saudi troll farms.

Civilian casualties have been on the rise in Yemen since August of this year as Saudi Arabia began a brutal offensive to take control of the vital port city of Hodeidah where over 70% of Yemen’s aid is delivered and dispersed. Fighting has intensified as the Saudi-led coalition tries to pound the port into submission as citizens flocking to the port city in search of water resulting in a bottle-neck of civilians, aid workers and rebels, which in turn gives the Saudi-led coalition an excuse when they kill civilians and the deaths are chalked up as collateral damage.

The currency in Yemen has plummeted ever since Saudi Arabia took control of the Central Bank of Yemen and printed 600 billion in rials causing rampant inflation to the point where a single bag of rice can cost over 70 rials. Families struggle to feed their children as diseases and infections easily overtake the weakend immune systems of starving Yemenis. Children and the elderly are at the highest risk of death as whole generations of families are in danger being wiped out.

We cannot end the war in Yemen solely by writing about the atrocities being carried out on a daily basis. We have to hold lawmakers accountable for facilitating war crimes both in Europe and in the United States, we have to demand a complete and total withdrawal of any contributions to the war in Yemen and immediately start supplying humanitarian aid instead of laser-guided bombs.

Peace, cannot be achieved in Yemen until there is an international effort to stabilize the economy in Yemen, without a stable economy famine could spread across the country, aid workers in the field warn this famine would be unlike any other in recorded history so, what are we going to do to stop it?

Written by Joziah Thayer – Twitter @Dapeaple – You can find more of my work here

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