1. Israeli Occupation Forces arrested more than 5,500 Palestinians, including 889 children and at least 128 women in 2019. #StopTorturingPalestinians
  2. We call on all local, regional and international jurisdictions to take effective procedural steps to ensure the protection of the Palestinians and the preservation of humanity. #StopTorturingPalestinians
  3. Each year approximately 500-700 Palestinian children, some as young as 12 years, are detained and prosecuted in the Israeli military court system. #StopTorturingPalestinians
  4. The number of Palestinian prisoners and detainees in the prisons of the israeli occupation reached 5000, incl 40 females, while the number of child detainees reached 200 children, and the number of administrative detainees reached 450. #StopTorturingPalestinians
  5. The Israeli occupation authorities escalated their arbitrary arrests of Palestinian minors and women, and practiced various forms of torture against them during and after their arrest, during the year 2019. #StopTorturingPalestinians
  6. During 2019, the occupation killed five prisoners through its systematic policies, the most prominent of which is medical negligence, not to mention psychological and physical torture. #StopTorturingPalestinians
  7. Four Palestinian prisoners were killed as a result of torture by israel in 2019. This brings the number of Palestinian prisoners killed due to medical negligence to 222 martyrs since 1967.  #StopTorturingPalestinians
  8. The number of ill Palestinian prisoners in the israeli occupation prisons reached more than 700, among them at least 10 suffering from cancer.  #StopTorturingPalestinians

  9. There are currently more than 200 Palestinian detainees inside israeli jails who are suffering from various chronic diseases and deprived of treatment, testing, and diagnosis for long periods of time. #StopTorturingPalestinians
  10. “Israel” must be held to account for its human rights abuses. #StopTorturingPalestinians
  11. Detainees of wars must be released and “Israel” must stop its crimes against Palestinians. #StopTorturingPalestinians
  12. The so-called “Israel” violates international laws and rights of Palestinians when this illegal state commits crimes against detainees. #StopTorturingPalestinians
  13. How can a state, that claims to be the only democratic state in the Middle East, treat Palestinian detainees in this shameful way which is not accepted internationally! What an epic irony!! #StopTorturingPalestinians
  14. “Israel” is an apartheid state aiming at tormenting detainees and making them just numbers rather than human beings. Palestinian detainees are not numbers! They deserve to have their rights and live in dignity. #StopTorturingPalestinians
  15. Shame on the world who is still silent and has not taken any action toward Israel’s violence against Palestinian detainees yet. #StopTorturingPalestinians
  16. When it is related to Palestinian detainees, the world turns to be deaf and blind. What would you do if what they face had actually happened to you? #StopTorturingPalestinians
  17. “I think we should understand that Israel is colonizing Palestine. It started colonizing it in the late 19th century and still colonizing today.” Prof. Ilan Pappe, an Israeli anti-Zionist Historian. #StopTorturingPalestinians
  18. Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails are on hunger strike protesting against the humiliation they face. #StopTorturingPalestinians
  19. Stand with Palestinian detainees and boycott apartheid “Israel.” #StopTorturingPalestinians
  20. Imagine your son or daughter is treated in the same way that “Israel” treats the Palestinian child detained in its jails, how would you react? #StopTorturingPalestinians
  21. During the cold weather, the Palestinian child detainees will not have access to heaters or even adequate clothing to keep warm. #StopTorturingPalestinians
  22.  The Israeli jails are full of mould and not fit for human conditions, and does not provide daily necessities. #StopTorturingPalestinians
  23. Since 1967, “Israel” has killed around 220 Palestinian detainees in its jails. #StopTorturingPalestinians
  24. More than 70 Palestinian detainees have died after torture in Israeli custody. #StopTorturingPalestinians
  25. About 23 detainees died after Israel ratified the United Nations Convention Against Torture in October 1991. #StopTorturingPalestinians
  26. “Israel” transfers the Palestinian detainees to secret jails as it is one of its “brutal torture” practices against them. #StopTorturingPalestinians
  27. Rather than having their rights protected, Palestinians in Israeli jails risk additional violations while the perpetrators of such violence are immune from prosecution. #StopTorturingPalestinians
  28. “Both Israel and the US are setting an example of impunity when it comes to the torture of detainees.” Nils Melzer, the UN special rapporteur on torture. #StopTorturingPalestinians
  29. Torture survivors have no recourse to justice, as it is “Israel” who decides whether an investigation should be opened. #StopTorturingPalestinians
  30. The international community continues to ignore such flagrant violations of human rights committed by “Israel” #StopTorturingPalestinians
  31. The international community should pay more legal importance to hold “Israel” accountable for its repression of the Palestinian people. #StopTorturingPalestinians
  32. Israel is committing crimes against humanity by torturing Palestinian detainees, including women, university students, journalists, workers, human rights defenders, and Palestinian lawmakers. #StopTorturingPalestinians
  33. Israeli jailers hit, slap, punch and kick the Palestinian detainees, causing them life-threatening injuries; this would sometimes last dozens of hours and be done by more than five different officers at once. #StopTorturingPalestinians
  34. Israeli jailers blindfold detainees, so they would not expect the beating or know where it is coming from. #StopTorturingPalestinians
  35. Palestinian detainees face stress positions which not only impose physical pain on them but are means of applying psychological pressure as well. #StopTorturingPalestinians

  36. Israel treats Palestinian detainees in a very harmful way which is making their legs cuff to the legs of the chair and the hands to the other side, forcing their back to arch over the seat of the chair. #StopTorturingPalestinians
  37. The move of Palestinian minor detainees from an Israeli jail to another without being with their adult representatives puts them at risk and it is a violation of international laws. #StopTorturingPalestinians
  38. Israeli forces coerce Palestinian detainees to sign confessions written in Hebrew- a language they do not know. What is written in these confessions? #StopTorturingPalestinians
  39. Freedom for the Palestinian detainees who miserably suffer in Israeli jails. #StopTorturingPalestinians
  40. The Israeli occupation has made 54,000 Shekel profit off the Palestinian children who were detained in Ofer jail last December. #StopTorturingPalestinians
  41. “Israel” is using many torture methods including stress positions, sleep deprivation, emotional blackmail, beatings which result in severe injuries and threats of torture against family members of the detainees. #StopTorturingPalestinians
  42. Israel” is committing harsh beating against Palestinian detainees with the intention to kill them. #StopTorturingPalestinians
  43. “Israel” is always seeking to leave a mark on the psyche of the Palestinian detainees; this humiliation must stop. #StopTorturingPalestinians
  44. UN must issue the laws that protect the Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails. #StopTorturingPalestinians
  45. ‘Israel’ must release the Palestinian detainees, including women, children and the elderly from its jails. #StopTorturingPalestinians
  46. Shame on the International laws issued about Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails if they are not applied on the ground. #StopTorturingPalestinians
  47. ‘Israel’ must stop all forms of violence against the Palestinian detainees, especially children, in its jails. #StopTorturingPalestinians
  48. ‘Israel’ always violates international laws issued about Palestinians, especially those related to detainees. #StopTorturingPalestinians
  49. ‘Israel’ must stop detaining Palestinian children in the West Bank. #StopTorturingPalestinians
  50. International organizations should prevent ‘Israel’ to practice torture against Palestinian detainees. #StopTorturingPalestinians
  51. There are a lot of Palestinian detainees who are suffering from “Israel’s” violations. #StopTorturingPalestinians
  52. The world should stop Israeli racism against Palestinian detainees and work to prevent it. #StopTorturingPalestinians

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