Greetings world my name is Ibfehtkcuf and these are the Anonymous Files.


This page is for anyone who wishes to be anonymous in their web activities, often those of us who seek anonymity are chastised as being paranoid or of having something to hide. Fact is the Central Intelligence Agency has stated “we identify those who use the internet to remove anonymity” these are not mence words you read correctly and if this does not bother you then please close out this page. Between 1945 and 2001 there have been 11 cases in which a citizen was charged with the Espionage Act, from 2001 to present time there have been 7 cases in which a citizen was charged with the Espionage Act. In the time span of those 56 years none of these 11 cases involved evidence of ones online activities. In the time span of  16 years all 7 of the espionage cases involved evidence of one’s online activities. The event that caused this dramatic changing of the tides was (The Patriot Act.) Some will agrue it is because of our online interconnected globalized atmosphere and how many people are accessing the web, but as a society we have fallen asleep with our heads burried in what ever device we may own as the world crumbles around us we stare at our phones like sheep casually be led to constitutional slaughter quietly. We are at war to ascertain what is lost to us and what is lost to us is our privacy and the notion that a man or women’s home is his or her castle.


“Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear.”— Harry Truman


The story of internet privacy has to start with Thomas Drake NSA whistleblower is what the press labeled him, the United States Government labeled him much worst, a traitor to the homeland and a risk to national security. How could this man who was at the higher echelons of the U.S. Government be not only discarded like rubbish but tossed aside in such a way that was grotesquely un-American. Mr. Drake blew the whistle on Steller Wind a dragnet surveillance program that violated the Rights of every American citizen. In his own words Mr. Drake says he could not remain silent because if he had remained silent then he himself would have been involved in a crime against a sovereignty, against who We are as a People that’s capital W capital P we the people. Mr. Drake had a program set up and ready to go that protected the privacy of every American citizen instead of violating the Rights of all Americans.

Mr. Drakes program was stymied by his superiors just days before 9/11 and yet he himself carries the most shame for the events on 9/11 and is the first to admit that the NSA failed the American people by not stopping 9/11. My question is simple why should we be punished ourselves as a society and have our liberties stripped from us in the name of national security? Trust me we don’t need recent world events to remind us that there are active threats against our country. Mr. Drake’s program though would have protected us from these threats and at the same time protected our privacy. I don’t think any member of any state bar can argue that electronic surveillance is not a violation of ones constitutional rights. To make a quick simple point I’ll reference the Fourth Amendment in which it states that one’s home is his castle thus if a computer is inside ones castle it should be protected by the United States Constitution nor should there really be a debate on this issue, the word of the law is clear.



Cookies are slimy lil suckers who follow you around everywhere you go on the web, I’ll use this bus analogy to help explain cookies to those that may not  know what cookie are or how they work. Jane Doe wakes up gets ready and heads out to catch the local bus. She tells a man at the bus stop which bus she is waiting for and mentions her feet are killing her. Her bus arrives and while she’s paying her fare the driver tells her that the local Wal-Mart has new orthopedic shoes on sale, this baffles Jane because the man she mentioned to in passing that her feet hurt had not boarded her bus. She shakes off this thought and tells the driver that she wishes she could but her car recently broke down, she pays her fare and walks down the aisle as she approaches the third row a women reaches out and tells  her that her brother works at an auto body shop. She brushes pass the women and by the time Jane reached the back of the bus every person on the bus knew every intimate thing about not only her but her family as well. This is the internet we live in today. It is believed that Google makes $250,000 off one person who uses their search engine this is solely from advertising but Google tries to guess what you are looking for and what is the best option for you to click on which will be on the top of the list. Google does this by using PageRank an algorithm that is similar to lets say the algorithm used to decide who will get the match ball in a Soccer or Football match. That isn’t the part that alarms this Coalition what disturbs us is that Google paid less taxes than my father did last year, theirs a lot of taking that this corporation does and very little giving.


Aaron Swartz  has to be mentioned mainly because of the recent privacy mess at Reddit which in my opinion Mr. Swartz would have never agreed to violating the rights of thousands of users but Mr. Swartz views on this issue wont be heard because of the constant pressure from the United States Government and the belittling of his rights as a citizen of these United States Aaron took his own life and on that fateful day the world lost one of the greatest minds to grace our presence. It saddens me that our government would go to such great lengths to cripple an entire family and end a young mans life because he wanted to download academic journals and make them free to the public. Mr. Swartz simply wanted to bring public knowledge and more importantly educate the public that these journals were being locked away by sites like JSTOR. This is a very perplexing issue to our coalition, the idea that academic journal used for informing not only professionals but the public as well. These journals were not meant for profit and JSTOR should be ashamed of themselves, you can’t make education a currency imagine if Isaac Newton sold his theories. They would probably decaying away in an estate somewhere, they wouldn’t be the theories and formulas that shape our world today because instead of being public they would’ve been private.

privacy files three

When we take spy gear that has been outward facing for decades and turn that same spy gear inward we have ask ourselves when we log on the web are we innocent until proven guilty or guilty until proven innocent. Perfect examples of this are seen in the documentary “Terms and Conditions may Apply” one scene showed how a 13-year-old kid became the target of the United States Secret Service. The boys mom showed up to see her son being questioned by agents without her present now they could have been asking him what his favorite color is it doesn’t matter they violated his rights and his mothers rights as a parent simply because of a post he made on Facebook after the death of Osama Bin Laden. In which he mentioned that Obama should beware of suicide bombers because of the death of Osama Bin Ladden. This is only one example of the problems dragnet surveillance presents, only one example of an innocent American being seen as guilty and having to prove his innocence.

[rivacy files 4

The Obama administration is often seen as the bad guy in the online community which in my view Obama simply played the hand he was dealt, yes he locked up more whistleblowers and the like than any other president combined but he also is the only one who face such an explosion of the internet with the rise of numerous social media sites. The U.S. Government had a problem, free speech went from being on the tips of our tongues to the tips of our fingers. When a few people said that they were going to and I quote “occupy this space “in a park in NYC, a movement began in less than a year there were other people who chose to occupy their own space and soon millions around the world in every major city from Boston to Moscow and everywhere else in between began a revolution simply by occupying a space. This movement reached some of the most suppressed beings on this planet that speaks to why governments around the world are petrified of the internet to this day. This blog isn’t meant in any way to discredit the threat our nation faces it addresses the threat we as societies face from our governments, maybe we already live in a Orwellian State we just have to look up from whatever screen we may be looking at and realize it



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We are peas! Hear us!


We are! We are! The youth of a Nation!

We the people

Exuding free speech

Deserve nothing less then




“Without freedom of thought, there can be no such thing as wisdom – and no such thing as public liberty without freedom of speech”-Benjamin Franklin


It was in 2013 when Barrett Brown first spoke out about the C-IC also known as The Cyber-Intelligence  Complex, in every way possible Barrett screamed from the proverbial rooftops about these contract companies who employ professionals who have previously worked in the intelligence field who do the dirty work for the US Government. Essentially impacting world events, destabilizing regions and committing grotesque violations of international law.

The WEDA Coalition is calling into question the indictment of Mr. Barrett Brown and pointing out the numerous violations of Barrett’s civil liberties. His constitutional rights such as the First, Fourth, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution. It became abundantly clear that it was his words that they wanted to put in prison not himself or for even the crime he allegedly committed. Barrett Brown’s case has disgusted this Coalition, if not for freedom of speech revolutions would not exist, change is a forgotten dream and opposition to power will remain obsolete. Through the subversion of our speech and the continuous pilfering of subversive societies we’ve allowed ourselves to become materialistic beings in a system of monetarism. Propagandist is a good way to describe our governments around the world and a Orwellian like state is the America we live in today. The WEDA Coalition wholeheartedly and vehemently rejects the notion that we can’t have security and privacy and deeply implies the notion that Our freedom of speech will not be suppressed, that our liberties as a sovereignty will no longer be ravished in the name of national security, that our prides and dignities will not be tread upon nor will our rights be forgotten. We can’t stand idly by as our democracy and everything our brothers and sisters fought for is torn to shreds. We the People of these United States are exactly that united, united against the suppression of free speech. United against totalitarianism and “trickle-down economics” trickle down where? It’s not the middle class or the lower class its 1% of Americans. 1% robbing you of not only your freedom but all your money too and then they make sure your kids are in debt to them as well why they sit back and pull puppet strings dictating events in your life.


Restrictions and stipulations are becoming more and more evident in this internet world we live in today. In the first issue of this 10 part manifesto President Harry Truman was quoted, it’s a quote in which this Coalition believes meshes well with our internet world. We live in a consumer economy, we consume data among other things and we extract data among other things like our identities and credit card info. These aren’t urban internet legends. We as the consumer are sold to the highest bidder, this bidder if you will is a 3rd party. Have you ever heard the saying “if you post something you can never take it back” That doesn’t just go for the raunchy photo you posted back in college it goes for every photo, every keystroke in a search engine, every YouTube video you watched, every text you ever sent or email you wrote is saved kept nice and tidy by your countries government.Why? An un-brainwashed mind might ask, there is only one answer because you or me or your mom or even your child is a suspected terrorist. The truth is governments around the world have become lazy relying on these mass surveillance programs rather than doing the hard work for themselves. After San Bernardino and all the warning signs that were missed and also the Boston Bombings where very clear warning signs were ignored we have to ask ourselves do we trust these programs to protect us or will two radicalized brothers and another lone wolf couple strike again? The FBI and The NSA have done away with virtually every practice they once used to find and track people now the FBI just checks out your Facebook and fuck-boy Zuckerberg lets them while the NSA is sifting through your emails and the CIA is for sure following you on Twitter you just don’t know it. People close to me are scared, scared that im even talking about stuff like this never mind posting it but I don’t care, not one bit in fact I welcome it. I challenge any blue suit or black robe to prove this Coalition wrong. With all due respect this Coalition isn’t some college kid afraid of a felony our Coalition consist of members who already have experience in enduring their governments deceitful tactics.


With this being an election year it is a prime opportunity to elect officials who will fight to reinstate our liberties as a sovereignty. Over 700 arrested in the Capitol Hill DemocracyNow protest yet there hasn’t been an arrest for officials in Chicago who have sat back and allowed over 1,000 citizens to be slain in their city or in Flint Michigan where thousands more have tainted water supplies. Is this a third world country? Or is this the United States of America land of free or land of the kind of sort of free? Barrett Brown clearly couldn’t tell a FBI agent to go fuck himself, Jeremy couldn’t give money to a bunch of charities, WEEV found out that arithmetic is frowned upon in this establishment, Bidder 7o shall not perform an act of civil disobedience and nor should you! Aaron Swartz the internet’s pirate or dangerous felon if you ask the U.S. government who mowed him over with their extraordinary machine  yet he remains a huge influence to us. Lastly, Anonymous has to be mentioned without us barring witness to your ingenious organization as kids and embodying your way of doing things anonymously, this Coalition wouldn’t exist without you, every member who speaks of Anons will speak humbly not out of fear, but of admiration and respect. Our mission as a Coalition is simple much like the NRA who defends the 2nd amendment with millions and millions of dollars we will defend the 1st amendment with millions and millions of voices.  The “See Something Say Something” initiative of the internet has begun and we are  asking you if see or hear about anyone whose rights are being violated or have been violated then say something, stand up and do something. Gay, straight, black, white, purple, blue, Christian, Muslim or Wicken it doesn’t matter if you were born here then you are entitled to the Constitution and freedom of speech is your birth given right, use it.


“Freedom of speech is a principal pillar of a free government; when this support is taken away, the constitution of a free society is dissolved, and tyranny is erected on its ruins” Benjamin Franklin

We the people

Exuding free speech

Deserve nothing less then


The WEDA Coalition – WEDA Koalitionen – Koalisi WEDA – Pakatan WEDA- WEDA Koalisjonen – La Coalición WEDA – WEDA коалиции – A Coligação WEDA – De Coalitie WEDA


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Anonymous Files Part 3

“For if Men are to be precluded from offering their Sentiments on a matter, which may involve the most serious and alarming consequences, that can invite the consideration of Mankind, reason is of no use to us; the freedom of Speech may be taken away, and, dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep, to the Slaughter.”– George Washington


When we first started writing this manifesto we didn’t expect the response we got, not at all. From all corners of the world readers responded became engaged and in some cases a little bit angry. All emotions and opinions were absorbed and we picked up some truly valuable members to help us in our efforts to un-censor censored societies, to employ freedom of speech where freedom of speech does not exist or is oppressed. To combat the multi-billion dollar industry that is third-party data storing or tracking, why should we let the rich get richer by entering a Google search? If you submit more than four google searches a day then you earn Google over 1 million dollars per day. I don’t have the time nor the patience to go in detail about this cookie mess but I do implore you to do research on cookies yourself.boomerang

There are many ways to protect yourself we suggest using these browsers: Tor, Epic Privacy Browser and Firefox. Firefox should be your last choice with Tor being your first. Firefox does not block all third-party cookies from tracking you but it does block a great deal and will admit themselves that they do not block some parties. Tor in my opinion is under assault by who I don’t know but what I do know is that it’s the only browser that Windows will block along with some IOS devices as well. Tor does a great job at helping you get around all these blocks with bridges and all the other programs Tor offers to better your Tor experience. If you are not concerned with privacy then I hope your concerned with the fact that other browsers filter and hamper your browsing opening up less than 10% of the web but with the Tor browser 100% of the web is opened up for you.

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Chrome’s Trackers

privacy files 3

Firefox by Mozilla’s Trackers

privacy files 4

Many people never heard of us and that’s exactly how we like it, all that needs to be known is we are Swartzlike minded truth-tellers who are a little sick of our fucking cubicles. Media in this country in a pathetic charade of non-essential nonsense copied and pasted together in a time line that later outlines your day. Instead of facts we are often given assumptions that misconstrue the facts of the story in other countries this very deed is against the law. Although it was sad that an innocent gorilla was murdered, do we have to remind the public that why this story got wall to wall coverage. 69 shootings and 9 deaths occurred the same day this innocent gorilla was slain and we have protest in the streets and national outcry over this gorilla meanwhile we have Chicago a city where a 9-year-old was shot execution style for living in the ghetto, 9 others were slain and 69 were shot. That in nutshell in essence is whats disgusting about todays media CNN, FOX, ABC, WSJ, CBS and many others are some of the best State run media the world has to offer. Beautiful Lil echo chambers reverberating bullshit into your living rooms time and time again day in and day out.


There is this confusion out there about internet privacy rather an illusion, the illusion is that those of us who care about internet privacy have something to hide or are privacy nuts concerned that the whole world is tracking us and we’re most likely crazy but the fact is if you aren’t concerned about your internet privacy then it is you who is crazy. We seek to filter out the bullshit and propaganda that belittles the minds of all Americans. For years we have sat back and observed the internet we know and love be turned into a minefield with trip wires everywhere just waiting for you to slip up so they can throw the weight of the United States government at your feet. Just ask Barret Brown, Aaron Swartz, WEEV, Jeremy Hammond and hundreds of Anons. I implore you to research all of these cases and absorb the constitutional infractions in each one, to study internet laws in-depth in efforts to become familiar with the playing field so governments wont out smart you. Many of us are arrogant and think that what we are doing is justified and we are aware that laws may be broken that we need to be held accountable for. Just as we are angry when others who commit grotesque crimes are given six months, we can not be angry when we are punished for breaking laws. Anyone in WEDA who breaks the law to obtain a lead or information in any manner will be barred for life, we have gone 5 years without barring a single member  and our organization has grown tenfold. In solidarity with Anonymous we seek to make our intentions known, we will un-censor censored societies abroad, we will ascertain what has been lost to us, we will continue to out institutional powers, we will seek out injustice and challenge it head on, we will educate our brothers and sisters on how to obtain absolute anonymity because We do not forgive, We do not forget, We are Legion, We are The WEDA Coalition and We are Anonymous, expect us.


We the people

Exuding free speech

Deserve nothing less then


expect us


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