Call to arms, fides infinitum #Anonymous

The freedoms if the internet are under assault by our own ignorance and those who chose to exploit this ignorance. Governments around the world are becoming increasingly oppressive of our online activities. We’ve seen laws like the CFAA law in America that was written in the eighties and has no impact or relevance to our internet, destroy the life’s of young genuises and their families. The United States Government doesn’t stop there they use this CFAA to prosecute globally by exploiting extradition treaties in conjunction with the CFAA law. A perfect example of this is the grotesque extradition order that was signed for Lauri Alexander Love.

Where does this end with another suicide? With the world losing another irreplaceable mind like Aaron Swartz? If you look at the recent events in last ten years involving the relentless crusade to quiet information seekers, truth revealers, corporate squealers, hackers, activist and Hacktivist. You have to be alarmed and if you aren’t then you have Stockholm Syndrome.

In order to protect ourselves from our oppressive governments we need to be more aware of the tactics our goverments use to prosecute us to better prepare ourselves when they decide to throw the full wrath of governmental agencies at us we are ready.

We cannot do this if we are divided, bickering amongst ourselves like housewives will only further our evolution into sheep. We have to work together to protect truths as they be before there is no us, no hacktivism, no revolution, no expect us, nothing. Besides starting the next Op freeing the next truth-seeker who was locked up. Its time we get ahead of government and stop fucking acting like we can’t own this shit.

By @Ibfehtkcuf 2/9/17

We the People

Exuding free speech

Deserve nothing less than


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