Have you watched the ruthless barbarism going on in Palestine at the moment? The land of Abrahamic Prophets,  in the sacred city of Jerusalem,  during the holy month of Ramadan, the santity of Al-Aqsa mosque trampled and tarnished by the armed to teeth Zionist militias , and it’s just in this year 2022 , they’ve been spreading terror every year . They cannot handle the sight of believers praying peacefully in Jerusalem,  for the colonialist Europeans , religion is an uncomprehendable idea,  they use it as a weapon to control the masses , like they’re using the Judaism for their nefarious purposes but they have no understanding or respect for that either .

You don’t have to be a Muslim to stand up for Palestine,  it’s not a religious issue , not a religious problem, but rather an injustice and tyranny,  Belel Aldabbour wrote ,”Israel allows only the elderly into Muslim’s third holiest mosque, then sprays worshippers with tear gas from drones! #AlAqsaUnderAttack ” , the youth is seen face down , their hands tied with wires, blatant Islamophobia and hatred.

The language and hypocrisy of Western media is not a shock anymore , since the beginning of Ukraine and Russia crisis it’s more evident than before , the racism and ignorance has always been part of their agenda .On the other hand they’ve been shamelessly spinning stories for Ukrainian victimhood,whilst never ceasing any opportunity to demonize the suffering of the Palestinians, and that’s not just all , but the American government is paying the illegal occuppiers to continue the bloodshed, Omar Baddar wrote, “In Ukraine, the US gives $3.4 billion in security assistance to resist brutal military occupation.In Palestine, the US gives $3.8 billion EVERY YEAR to support Israel’s brutal military occupation & crush those resisting it.”

Even those reporting on this attack on Al-Aqsa are getting attacked, Mehdi Hassan spoke about it to an ex-Zionist ,the prime minister of this illegal state, Ehud Olmert about violence in the Occupied Territories,he played him a clip of unarmed Palestinian journalist Alaa Sous being clubbed by a so called Israeli police officer.

4 thoughts on “Al Aqsa Under Attack… Zionists Do Not Respect Abrahamic Faiths

  1. You do write nonsense.

    Jerusalem is the capital of Israel

    The Hamas youth stored Molotovs & rocks in al-aqsa, & then attacked the police with them.

    These terrorists even wore shoes inside the mosque.

    If you attack our police, it won’t end well


    1. Israeli zionists are an occupying force. The people have the right to defend themselves and their land. Those whom you call terrorists are freedom fighters. Even though it is not reported in the controlled mss media, people slowly start waking up to the apartheid zionists have blatantly exercising. The saddest part is the Zionism often gets mistaken for Judaism, and anti-zionist views are mislabeled anti-semitic.


      1. Nonsense.

        Jews originate in Israel, & “Palestinians” migrated there over the centuries.

        The word “Palestinian” derives from the Hebrew word for “invader”, for obvious reasons.

        You can pretend all you like, but the UN established modern Israel in 1948. At the same time, the Arabs rejected a Palestinian state, & chose to invade Israel to liquidate the Jews.

        It didn’t end well for them

        The Arabs in the creatively renamed “West Bank”, ended up as Jordanian citizens, and in Gaza, Egypt sent all newly released prisoners to live there.

        Even Arafat was an Egyptian terrorist!

        There is no apartheid in Israel: all citizens are equal by law.

        Try “Palestine”, where women are legally defined as inferior, & it’s legal to murder gays.

        Jerusalem has no connection to any “Palestinian” state.

        Zionism is the Jewish struggle for self-determination, after centuries of persecution by people who you’re possibly related to.

        The saddest part is that you actually believe the complete nonsense you write.


      2. Just wondering if you’ve ever been to Israel or “Palestine”?

        I ask, because you seem somewhat uninformed about things here.


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