In a document entitled Trump’s Middle East Marshall Plan with the subtitle (White Paper by Tom Barrack), dated March 10, 2017, Tom Barrack who was born in Lebanon myopically states:

A revised economic blueprint and vision is a major component of any Middle East Peace Initiative for Israel, Palestine, and the broader Middle East. In fact, there is no Middle East. There are only tribes, flags and local loyalties which seldom corroborate on religion, geography, language, and political systems.”

Trump’s Marshall Plan for the Middle East, which was widely reported by mainstream media as a secret deal with the Saudi’s to provide them with the technology to build nuclear power plants, but this has been grossly reported as being the most outlandish part of this plan —not the fact that the man chosen to lead this plan stated that “there is no Middle East.” In a Memorandum written by former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn to President Donald Trump on January 28th, 2017, with the subject title being “The Marshall Plan For the Middle East,” Michael Flynn writes:

“Further execution of the plan will involve the rebirth of the U.S. nuclear power industry with all that implies for job creation. (Over the past thirty years the industry has atrophied — thanks to over-regulation and misguided environmental opposition.) The rebuilding of that industry will provide a major boost to our economy and a major reduction in carbon-based pollution.”

I must have misread the part that said a “Marshall Plan for the Middle East,” because Michael Flynn is writing a lot about how lucrative Trump’s Marshall Plan will be for the for the United States, not the Middle East. Flynn continues in this memorandum to the President to outline the Marshall Plan for the Middle East to Donald Trump and towards the end of Flynn’s memorandum he writes:

“Finally, the ultimate, enormous benefit of the plan is that it will be paid for by the nations who will benefit in the Middle East, not American taxpayers. Tom Barrack has been thoroughly briefed on this strategy and wants to run it for you.”

Tom Barrack, who wrote back in March of 2017; “there is no Middle East. In fact, there are only tribes and flags,” is chosen by Trump at the request of Michael Flynn to lead his Marshall Plan for the Middle East. Flynn’s memorandum to Trump is very revealing as Flynn writes to Trump:

“You’ll admire this team for they have not only developed a powerful strategy to deal with a huge geopolitical risk, but they have reached out to American Industry to help execute the plan.”

The CEO’s of Toshiba, General Electric, Centrus, Bechtel Corporation, and Exelon have signed their name to Trumps Marshall Plan for the Middle East. In a section of this plan entitled; “The Strategy Of Trumps Middle East Marshall Plan” Thomas Barrack states: “The Strategy will be one the empowers the intellectual capital and industrial might of the USA’s private sector in a public-private venture.”

it seems as if Trump’s Marshall Plan for the Middle East consists of the United States continuing to pillage the Middle East and installing American companies throughout the Middle East— so that any profits gained can be siphoned back to the United States. Tom Barrack admitted as much in writing when he stated in this document that 200,000 jobs would be created in the Middle East, while 500,000 jobs would be created in the United States. Who is Trump’s Marshall Plan for the Middle East actually benefiting?

This “Plan” also indicates it will somehow facilitate a peace deal between Palestine and Israel, but sticking to true Trump fashion it doesn’t offer any explanation as to how this Marshall Plan for the Middle East plans to solve a 70-year-old issue.

I also believe there is a more sinister agenda rooted in Trump’s Marshall Plan for the Middle East which is to ingrain American companies within the United States, this is portrayed in this plan as benefiting of both the Middle East and the United States, but the U.S. will use this foothold in the economy of the Middle East to blackmail and pressure countries economically to stay in line with the policies and agenda of the United States in the Middle East.


Written By Joziah Thayer – Follow me on Twitter @ Dapeaple

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