This election has sadly not reaffirmed a lot of Americans belief in the political system and especially for those who can’t bring themselves to support either of the two candidates our “Democracy” has chosen for us thus we are merely worms in a puddle. Stuck in our avid devotion to what we thought was a fair and balance process, drowning in our own dreams of a future to believe in and a political revolution that was squashed by greed, corruption and murder. If it sounds more like a blog about Mafioso’s then that’s because that’s exactly what the DNC and Hillary Clinton are, just think of The Clinton Foundation as the Compound. Full disclosure when I started writing this blog the only evidence i brought to the Coalition was how they locked Bernie Sanders out of his voter database, the debates being on really awkward nights and the exit poll differential. Basically we had nothing and i was going to write a blog trying to convince people Hillary Clinton stole the election.


Then DCCC and DNC leaks, Wikileaks, Guccifer, Gucciffer 2.0 and Seth Rich all happen and this blog was put on hold I spent a little over a month researching these leaks i will present in this blog the documents, videos and other files that we strongly urge the public to take a second look at. This really isn’t a blog that is written as an attack against Hillary Clinton or the DNC. I myself am an Independent working for an independent Coalition to ascertain and later present my own personal independent investigation into election fraud, voting machine hacking, exit poll differentials, blatant unauthorized vote changing and the fact that we now know that this primary was rigged not only against Senator Bernie Sanders but the 11 million people who voted and donated to his campaign, this is the story about how the will of the People had no way.


New York


New York where Hillary Clinton was a Senator for four years before becoming highest ranking diplomat in the world as Secretary of State. This is a state in which the HRC campaign was confident that Hillary Clinton would win and every major media outlet in land reminded us over and over again of exactly that fact leading up to primary day in New York which in a way is equal to campaigning outside a polling station and should be outlawed. It is very important to know that the first step to rigging a national election is to purposefully confuse and manipulate the American People and in fact the leaked emails WikiLeaks released confirm that the DNC was trying to play mind games with the public.


27% of all Democratic New York voters were not allowed to vote due to various legalities in the state.New York state has roughly Twelve Million voters whom were registered or had a history of voting Democratic. The above polling numbers show 1.8 million voters took part in the Democratic Primary.1.8 million voters is twenty percent of the nine million voters available.Twenty percent of three million is 600,000 voters who likely would have voted had they been able too. Bernie Sanders had roughly 80% of the vote from voters under age 30. Over 125,000 voters in Brooklyn NY (Bernie Sanders Stronghold), were refused the right to vote. Many of the voters denied were denied in NYC, and denied due to the fact they hadn’t registered as Democrats. Most people don’t vote in elections other than Presidential ones. Meaning a huge percentage who were not able to vote fit into the category of someone who would have voted for Bernie Sanders. Voters 22 1/2 years old and younger likely were unable to vote for Sanders at all. With 600,000 votes not cast due to election legality constraints, it’s safe to say at least 70% of these votes would have been for Sanders, in Brooklyn — birthplace of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders — “state voter enrollment statistics found that the number of active registered Democrats dropped there by 63,558 voters between November 2015 and April 2016,” according to local public radio station WNYC.


One plaintiff, a 24-year-old from Suffolk County, says that he registered as a Democrat in 2009, and that a change of affiliation form the BOE (Board of Elections) showed him, supposedly proving he left the party, bears a signature that is an “identical, pixel-by-pixel” copy of the signature on his driver’s license. Another plaintiff, a 58-year-old from upstate Onondaga County, had been registered as a Democrat since 1989, but on April 11th found that her registration was “purged.” An employee of the county told her that the change was a clerical error, but that she would not be able to vote on Tuesday, according to the suit. Others named in the lawsuit registered for the first time within days of the new voter deadline in March, or the party-change deadline last October.”


Even by looking at the map pictured above can one confidently say that Hillary Clinton won New York by 57.9 %? the map does not depict this in fact the map reflects clearly that Senator Bernie Sanders won New York in a close primary or maybe would have lost by a narrow margin not the huge margins that will now go down in our history books as fact, please note that the margin or defeat is yuge because if Hillary had one by a lesser margin then she would not have been awarded as many delegates as she was and in a race were everything revolves around delegates this is nothing less than election fraud at the highest levels of government.


For 180,000 votes not to be counted and discredited as a whole in the most populated city in America without punishment or corrections to these votes then local and state officials are complicit in election fraud as well. Aside from a lawsuit by the very voters who were disallowed from voting in the New York Primary little to no outcry over thousands being prevented from voting. I would like to see what would happen if the roles were changed and it was Hillary Clinton who had nearly 200,000 supporters who were prevented from voting instead of Bernie Sanders supporters being cheated out of their right to vote.



This is very clear election fraud live on C-SPAN and you can clearly hear the man with the glasses on say “we already got yours” in the beginning of the video to which the short-haired women says “no you got my first count” her name is Liz Buck and she is a Clinton Campaign Representative. From the video it is clear that Liz Buck waits for the Sanders voters to present their number of 223 and as soon as Liz Buck hears the Bernie side cheer Liz Buck comes right over and says “No you got my first count” it seems she just waited to hear a number she had to beat and by simply doing some math she adds to the Hillary count by ten votes pushing her past Sanders and Clinton went on to win Iowa which is the first state in our Nation to vote. We have to understand that this sets the tone for the rest of the election. A lost by Hillary Clinton in Iowa would have devastated the Clinton Camp and thrown crazy amounts of momentum into an already momentous Sanders Camp, some political pundits even go as far as to say Hillary would have lost the election had Bernie won Iowa.


Maybe someone better inform those pundits that the fix was in from the beginning.  Bernie Sanders also won a coin toss that was not credited to him in another part of the state. Now Iowa is only worth 9 delegates and this coin toss that was not accredited to Bernie Sanders is just one of the 184 delegates that Sanders was cheated out of or had stolen from him during this primary.

The Des Moines Register actually penned an Editorial ” It notes that the whole process produced a “whiff of impropriety” and said that the Party response “reeks of autocracy.”


Attorney Bob Fitrakis has filed a lawsuit against Edison Media Research asserting that Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders actually earned more pledged delegates in the primaries than were shown by the results. The suit seeks the release of raw exit polling data which documents dramatic differences between exit polls and electronic vote totals in eleven states in the 2016 presidential primaries. Exit polls have been adjusted to fit electronic vote totals since 2004, when they appeared to show Kerry winning against Bush. At that time, Karl Rove (then an assistant to George Bush) developed a theory to explain the alleged unreliability of exit polls. After citizens on the internet began to notice wide discrepancies in this election, the exit poll sponsors, The Media Consortium and Edison Media Research, canceled exit polls for all remaining states in the primary season. The lawsuit demands that media organizations release the raw data for the 2016 exit polls for the first time.




Dont just read this, read it and let it sink in, if you  live in Arizona then you should be screaming from the rooftops that your right was stripped from you, but not just any right your most sacred right as an American your right to vote and they fiddled with this like a sad singing violin


If there is this many constitutional infractions then there must be an unruly and frankly a pissed off population in the state that these aforementioned constitutional atrocities took place….there was.

Over and over again we see the same pattern of election fraud repeat itself in state after state. Earlier I mentioned how Bernie Sanders was cheated out of 184 delegates if you subtract this from Hillary Clinton’s total delegate count and add it to Bernie Sanders delegate total then it is in fact Senator Sanders who won the primaries and is our Democratically elected president not Hillary Clinton.



In Massachusetts it is illegal and in fact a violation of Federal Election Laws to be within 150 ft of a polling station and Mr. Clinton himself showed up at several polling stations in Massachusetts sometimes arriving with Boston city Mayor Marty Walsh (D) now this is blatant vote manufacturing at its finest and not one person not even Hillary Clinton supporters can deny that Bill Clinton is a huge billboard if you will for the Hillary Clinton campaign to put the bow on this federal offense he has a megaphone. People were so offended by Bill Clinton’s feign ignorance of election laws an open letter was written to the State Attorney General Healey calling for the immediate arrest of Bill Clinton.



(Open letter to the Massachusetts Attorney General calling for Bill Clinton’s arrest)


This is my home state so I will admit I took it personal when Bernie Sanders lost in Massachusetts and here’s why: Bernie Sanders visited the state 6 times and each time he visited the events where free and open to the public. Hillary Clinton visited the state one time and tickets for her event cost 2,000 dollars a piece when the average income around here 42,000 a year lets just say that didn’t sit well. Mayors from all over the state were grooming their citizens to vote for Hillary Clinton from Mayor Marty Walsh in Boston to Mayor Alex Morse in Holyoke Massachusetts where that 2,000 dollars a seat event took place and Mayor Dominic Sarno just across the Connecticut River in Springfield Massachusetts which just happens to be the 3rd largest city in Massachusetts. We have Boston with a population of 667,137, we have Springfield with a population of 153,991 and Holyoke with a population of 40,124 WikiLeaks Clinton Email Archive where there is multiple emails confirming what some people had assumed already that the voter manipulation, tampering and purging was most frequent in cities and towns with a minority population Holyoke Boston and Springfield all have a minority population. Massachusetts is a predominantly Democratic state which has elected a Republican Governor in Charlie Baker, I state this to try to imply that in Massachusetts we vote with our hearts no matter what candidate the main stream media is peddling to us. In Massachusetts there is a new party called the United Independent Party which I am a proud member of. When we were close to Super Tuesday notices were sent out to all United Independent Party members that in order to vote in the upcoming Democratic Primary you would need to switch your party to Democrat this led the United Independent Party’s founder Evan Falchuck to publicly criticize the move stating that it could potentially purge 21,000 young voters from the ballots a group that overwhelmingly supports Bernie Sanders and may I remind you that Hillary Clinton only won the state by the narrow margin of 1.4 %.




It is no secret that leading up to California it was Bernie Sanders last chace to maybe pull out a miracle and win California then he would have untold momentum heading into the Democratic National Convention and may have even force a contested convention. How silly can you be little citizen!? The fix was in from the beginning the perpetual thought manufacturing Aldous Huxley warned us about played out right before our eyes as we witnessed main stream media call the race before it was even over why? Because they had their winner already. Further voter manipulation took place as voters were given separate voter registration deadlines.






California wasnt only popular because it was one of the last states to vote it also drew a lot of attention because the former Democratic National Covention chairwoman calls California home so there most certainly wouldn’t be any election fraud going on her state right? Wrong Wikileaks proves Debbie Wasserman-Schultz colluded against Bernie Sanders to assure Hillary Clinton the nomination.








If you’re not already convince that this election was rigged then please do not the Hillary for Nevada Delegate Tracker persuade you. Personally this video hit my core and disgusted me you can clearly tell from the video that they even stole votes right before people’s eyes.



No need to read that again you comprehended it perfectly Senator Minority leader Harry Reid one of the highest ranking Democrats in the country campaigning  and manipulating votes for Hillary Clinton the establishments candidate as I’ve stated earlier this election fruad at the highest levels of the government a cohesive coalition that played the American people out of their right to a fair and balanced political process and worst they stripped your vote right out from right underneath the American people’s collective noses

The Democracy Lost Update was one of the main resources we used to write this blog and strongly urge every American citizen to study this report. The Democracy Lost Update was compiled by Election Justice USA a group that has studied election fraud since the year 2000. democracy_lost_update1_ejusa

Voting Machines

Before i conclude this blog i would like to talk to you about voting machines and how easy they are to hack especially because some voting machines are hooked up to easily hackable WiFi networks it would take me about 90 seconds armed with nothing but a screw driver, alan wrench and the memory card i want to switch out with the memory card already inside the machine. If i wanted to hack a machine that was hooked up to WiFi all i would need is a soda can, tape and some wire and i could hack the voting machine from the parking lot of a polling place and its quicker, less risky and easier than if i were standing at the machine, mind you i am not a hacker i just watched YouTube.


Primary contest exit poll discrepancies that exceed the margin of error (in 11 of 11 such cases, the discrepancy favored Clinton). Media outlets have removed the unexpurgated poll numbers for 10 of these 11 cases. According to USAID, an organization that works to promote oversight of electoral processes, “exit polls are powerful analytical tools … A discrepancy between the votes reported by voters and official results may suggest that results have been manipulated, but it does not prove this to be the case.”7 B) A well-controlled California early voter exit poll (Capitol Weekly/Open CA) consisting of 21,000 data points matched early returns for down-ballot races, but was off by ~16% for Sanders v. Clinton, with the discrepancy in Clinton’s favor.8 According to the L.A. County elections chief, Dean Logan, early/mail-in votes are reported first, strongly suggesting a miscount of mail-in ballots. C) Our analyses show that in at least seventeen states, precinct size is the most robust linear predictor of Sanders’ vote share, even when controlling for neighborhood/location. In other words, even when controlling for geographical location within the state, a statistical model shows that the larger a precinct, the lower Sanders’ vote share. This cannot be explained away as an artefact of smaller precincts being more rural or less ethnically diverse: these results are replicated for New York City when considering only the Bronx (~10% white), for instance. This pattern was consistent for all five boroughs, with the exception of Manhattan, in which Sanders’ vote share did not decrease linearly with precinct size. This pattern showed up, almost exclusively, in a variety of highly racially polarized cities where exit polling missed, but was not present, with rare exception, in similar states and counties where exit polling was accurate. D) Multiple studies, including one published recently by graduate students at Stanford University and the University of Tillburg, show that across all primary states Clinton performs best in counties with voting machines that don’t leave a paper trail, and that this difference is statistically significant.9 E) Chicago’s Board of Elections has admitted to one of the authors of the report and to CounterPunch Magazine that citizens monitoring the audit were right about irregularities in the process and that audit “numbers didn’t match” election day results.10 The citizens’ monitoring group has insisted in public, sworn testimony that numbers were adjusted to force a match. A lawsuit has just been filed to demand an accurate audit of early vote totals in Chicago. Our irregular precinct size pattern showed up weakly in Chicago (Cook County) early balloting and strongly for the overall vote in Suburban Cook County.


The computerized vote counts in the 2016 Democratic Party Presidential primaries have, in many states, differed widely from the vote totals predicted by the exit polls conducted by Edison Research. These discrepancies were overwhelmingly to Clinton’s benefit. The vote counts for the Republican Party Presidential primaries; however, with the exception of the primaries in two states, West Virginia and Texas, with very large discrepancies (18% and 10.6% respectively) going against Trump, have closely matched the results of their corresponding exit polls.

This section will examine the results of the exit polls and their disparities with computer vote counts; show that there is only one legitimate explanation why the exit polls for the two parties differed; and, lastly, show that the common attempts to explain away the discrepancies between computer vote counts and exit polls, fail for these primaries. Why did the computerized vote counts only match the exit polls for the Republican Party Primaries and not for the Democratic Party primaries? More to the point, why does this question even arise?

In the United States computerized election vote counts are essentially unverified. Audits of any election, if conducted at all, are hidden from view— only four states specify that observers can verify the markings on the ballots (only one state for primary elections).69 Primary election results are only audited in 13 states.70 Only six of these states require that the results of the audit and the data be made public.71 Only one state, for any election,72 is even experimenting with performing audits according to the best practices of a risk-limiting audit.

To answer the second question posed above, as our computerized vote counts are non-transparent and largely unverified, the comparison of official vote counts with exit poll results is a standard method used to establish the veracity of election results. As USAID stated in their 2015 booklet “Assessing and Verifying Election Results”, exit polls are powerful analytical tools … [a] discrepancy between the votes reported by voters and official results may suggest that results have been manipulated, but it does not prove this to be the case.”


If you’re Berner and this blog has pissed you off then I suggest you share this blog in any way possible to spread the word about election fraud because those who are supposed to protect us from these atrocities are the very people who are involved in the atrocities themselves it is us, We the People who must stand up against constitutional infractions beyond the scope of comprehension. I am disgusted, morally disheartened and my views and understanding of our political system is fragmented, tainted. The last time there was this many constitutional stampeding we as a whole chose to occupy a space in New York City does anyone remember that? It seems as if saying the word unjust doesnt sum it up enough,my brothers and sisters, my brothers and sisters…we were fucked!


By @Ifbehtkcuf

Edited by @Dapeaple

2 thoughts on “Worms In A Puddle

  1. I applaud your exhaustive research and subsequent compilation on The Democracy Lost. You’ve documented the theft of the Dem primary via the DNC’s nefarious actions beautifully. That DWS, Donna Brazille and the entire lot of DNC/media hacks remain unscathed, reveals just how little “real Democracy” exists today. We are indeed in thrall to an omnipotent Oligarchy.
    I will share this truly informative investigative piece through social media networks often.
    Thank you for your exceptional efforts.

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