Our silence is what’s continuing this violence.

The creation of humans started with a Concern, when they angles asked the creator of heavens and earth, “Will You place upon it one who causes corruption therein and sheds blood, while we declare Your praise and sanctify You?” (2:30) , Today the world is in a drastic state, instead of making it a better … Continue reading Our silence is what’s continuing this violence.

Yemen! Ride to survive

Came across this image shared by a #Yemeni friend on twitter , an activist living in the warzone, explaining how war on #Yemen has changed everything, this merciless massacre has driven yemen to the caveman era. Wars take away the years of hardwork & life and never bring peace ,regardless of what war monger politicians … Continue reading Yemen! Ride to survive

Ignored Cries Of Yemen

I'll not state numbers of casualties,  the statistics of innocents butchered, houses destroyed, lights in lives extinguished in #Yemen, or get into the gibberish blame Game.I'll vent out about the selfish silence of the world,  the ignorance & numbness, they're turning a blind eye & ear to this hell going on for almost 9 years … Continue reading Ignored Cries Of Yemen