The world of faries is a sweet escape, a fascinating fantasy, away from reality , one can always seek refuge in that world of myths and tales .The Irish have a enchanting culture of folklores , no wonder why I find myself hiding in the trilogy of Nora Roberts.Her fascination towards Irish culture and world of faries is something that I love .And then comes Willaim Butler Yeats , who writes about faries , deeply engrossed by Irish Folklore, the Occult, Mythology, Mysticism and Celtic ideas.

Something about this drawing ! This art is showing an imagination when I look up at the full moon , as my heart is always pulled towards the full moon. Especially when it has that golden light , the calm and bright energy makes me wonder ,perhaps there’s a life on the moon , a winged , fairy like creature living on the moon, with their cottages under the mushrooms and coloured dresses. Especially during hot summer days , when the night comes with a full moon , spreading its captivating energy and light through the darkness of the night , with cool breeze , serene and calm ,the mind goes spinning fairy tales.It’s the same idea in this drawing, perhaps a fairy with its gigantic wings is sitting on the moon , looking down at us ,the darkness behind her is the space and the light of the moon is spreading through her body and wings aswell. If you use your imagination,  you can feel it is too. And the world of day dreaming is simply bewitching for the soul .

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