Watching and reading about Jhonny Deep and Amber Heard’s defamation trial gives many impressions.When media and public has a different perspectives, everyone trying to figure out who’s victim and who’s the villain. Both have a huge fan base and , both are facing criticism and support alike.

But I have my own observation, which I would very much like to share .Whilst watching their trials I felt their energies , so i looked up their birth numbers and I was confirmed it’s the air and earth at war.The opposite elements were attracted to each other in the beginning, but later they lost that connection,that enraged Amber ,especially the indifferent and kinda cool attitude of Jhonny that appeals his fans, and those controlled and confident looks of Amber,initially must’ve been the reason of their attraction towards each other, later the same thing turned into a driving force that she felt out of control…eventually she became violent and aggressive apparently.

Not just aggressive but her reactions and expressions are somewhat of an attention seeker if I must say. Even his attitude during the trial is solely seen as to charm the public, he seems like playing a character ,enjoying it ,amusing the masses, drawing caricatures and sipping tea, cracking jokes, swaggering like he doesn’t care about anything.Atleast that’s the impression he gives to Heard.

She,on the other hand is revengeous and conniving .Her face expressions which many sees as either a victim or pretending to be one, it’s actually saying both,  but at the same time she seem like someone who was once trying hard to get Jhonny’s attention. His play to the gallery attitude and laid back style is genuinely designed to attract others ,indeed tantalising. But it could cause storms and hurricanes inside a women, if she’s ignored, especially if she has feelings.

Watching his ex’s and friends testimonies , everyone praising Deep,saying he’s always kind and gentleman. Ofcourse ! he has a charm as a friend and all.But marriage and relationships are a completely different story.Its very sharp edged sword, sometimes a human who is a perfect friend ,sibling or child could be an utterly different perosn for their partner.Everything shifts like a perfect friend could be selfish , careless and a disaster at marriage, a perfect parent might be making horrible mistakes in the personal relationship with their other half. Everything in this relationship is different, because with others we share one part of ourselves but with a partner we’re sharing or supposed to share everything , only if one can understand.

Their whole predicament seems to be the story of an ignored and enraged women seeking attention from a partner who has his own way in life about everything. The Gemini air and the earth in Tarus is at tug of war,  the bull and the twins. As , the air of twins enjoys new adventures and has no limits, the usage of drugs that Heard is trying to show as a problem is something that Deep’s air saw as controlling,  as he floats on excitement. They could have been the most exciting couple ,but they both were not ready to put the swords down.

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