The western powers were certainly unhappy from the ruling party’s leadership in Pakistan, Imran Khan Niazi now the Ex Prime Minister of Pakistan, removed from the office after a vote of no confidence by the parliament. His confident and bold statements showing support for illegaly occupied territories of Kashmir,  and Palestine was one thing ,In addition to all, Khan’s blunt denial to take dictation from European and Americans about the Russia and Ukraine crisis must’ve enraged the colonial masters, when Khan said , “What do you think of us? Are we your slaves … that whatever you say, we will do?” and added “I want to ask the European Union ambassadors: Did you write such a letter to India?”

when from decades they’ve been intervening and meddling in the East ,from Afghanistan to Yemen ,from Iraq to Syria , from Libya to Somalia , one after another ,Toppling the governments , using paid uprisings as a base to begin their military aggression. It is also noticeable that the so-called free Western media is providing platforms to anti government journalists about Khan’s political career and his time in the office , like The Guardian and The Washington Post, when the ethics demands them to be unbiased , where scores of supporters of Khan are abandoned by the western media aswell as the media back at home. Steve Hank Wrote on Twitter “Tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets in KPK, one of the 4 provinces of Pakistan, to protest against the removal of Imran Khan. The media has been threatened w/ “serious consequences” if it continues to report on the protests. “
However,  the independent journalists and broadcasters like Aaron Maté working for independent media Grayzone , or George Galloway Broadcaster and politician,providing platform to the opposite opinion and sharing their own aswell. 

Infact ,Galloway has spoken very clearly about the situation in Pakistan and the politics of the region,not only that he has pointed out the fact that the war is back on the doorsteps of Pakistan via Afghanistan, he said “I don’t know and it’s not my business how good he is or not as a Prime minister,  I’m only interested in this simple basic fact , Imran khan has been overthrown in a coup organised by the United States Of America, who wish to retain Pakistan at a distance of thousands of miles and absolute contempt and neglect to keep Pakistan as their plaything , against Russia yes ! but mainly against China, this coup is so that the United States can install military bases in Pakistan, the better with which to threaten China , to complete the encirclement of China with US military bases ,and that’s I said the first bitter fruits of this coup d’etat, which has been mounted in Islamabad with the collusion of stooges ,American stooges , has been tasted in blood by people in Afghanistan this evening,  American cruise missile attacks, which would not have been permitted by Imran Khan,  have been launched against the people of Afghanistan , for what purpose? we don’t know,  what the alleged or avowed targets were ? we don’t know but war has returned to Pakistan, not just American war by proxy , but the potential depending on what happens next ? Because there will be no general electon now , it’s all been overturned. Khan was going to take his case to the people,  I thought that if he did , he would sweep the country in a landslide victory, but none of that will now be possible, so what happens to the half of the country that supported Imran Khan and reject Pakistan as a plaything, as a proxy of the United States Of America,  as it was at great cost throughout the 1980s in the war long in Afghanistan “

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