Habitual to bullying tactics , Europe is forcing other states to pick a side on Russia vs Europe, as the European leaders are making it seem like it’s not Russia vs Ukraine but against Whole Europe and USA, their sudden urge for virtue signaling,  pretending that they care about human lives ,and they cannot stand a war on planet earth is pretty gripping.When in reality from past couple of decades they have been wagging endless wars in the Muslim countries,  destroying one country and instead of finishing the war in one country they begin another in the middle of an on going war , without even taking a break , killing innocent civilians and lying and denying afterwards,  yet they’ve the nerve when the heads of 22 diplomatic missions, including those of European Union member states, released a joint letter on March 1, 2022 urging Pakistan to support a resolution in the United Nations General Assembly condemning Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

Unfortunately this time they’re running out of luck , as it seems like the leader of Pakistan is not some weakling with no backbone saying only “yes master” to the west , after his straightforward response to them “What do you think of us? Are we your slaves … that whatever you say, we will do?” …. The use of word “slave” here is noticeable, when the reality is the western leaders take the eastern muslim leaders as muppets on the strings , or their tamed pets , that’ll obediently follow whatever their master’s orders , well gladly not this time. Furthermore he explicitly stated that his countries foreign policy is based on friendly relations with all other countries, and Pakistan decides to remain “neutral ” on this issue. He stands correct on his decision,  why would any country be pressured?  especially when those putting the pressure have a history of war crimes and Injustices , Mr.Khan must decides what he sees best for his countries interests and work for peace .

Evidently the European leaders have no voice when there’s dire need to end bloodshed from Afghanistan to Yemen,  or put an end to injustice,  from illegally occupied territory of Palestine to Kashmir , they have their lips sealed , as Mr. Khan called their hypocrisy out by saying “I want to ask the European Union ambassadors: Did you write such a letter to India?”. A country with criminal history since 1947 , still continuing the oppression with impunity. The European leaders have no right to speak about morality,  when they have none

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