The modernisation and Liberalism have surely changed the ways for the west but the east is still living in the story of the “Bridgerton” , a series on netflix, showing the efforts of desperate struggle to find a suitable suitor for their children, from the girls prepared for the season and facing the stress of it to the frantic mom’s, trying hard to get their girls and boys stand out ,to find the best amongst all ,hiding their weaknesses and flaws.

The east do not need to wait for or launch the fancy occasion like a season for the debutants ,but every family wedding and occasion, happy or unhappy is considered an opportunity to seek potential spouse for their children by the eastern parents .Where they expect the unmarried bunch to show up as presentable as they can, from proper dressing to behaviour,  keeping in mind the list of eligible singles mother’s to be impressed on both sides.

Although unfortunately this pressure is seen more on girls than the boys ,infact mothers of boys act like sharp vultures,haughty and critical members of the ton ,whereas the mothers of girls are mostly careful and worried about rejections and opinions.

Another centuries old practice is  still alive in the East ,where especially the girls are trained to be an expert in the household affairs, no matter how highly educated you’re or you are a simple chit from a village,  you’re forced to learn skills like cleaning, cooking, taking care of the house,a huge number of them are taught embroidery, stitching,knitting etc aswell ,moreover, Ofcourse how to prepare the perfect tea and coffee,  it doesn’t end on simply preparing them but also serving it to the guests with proper ettiques and attire, that shows respect to the elders.

That tea becomes even more important when it’s seved to not some casual guests but the eligible candidates families, parents are freaking out on those occasions, especially all the mom’s, plumping up the cushions ,rechecking everything ,and taking out their best crockery for the occasion.

Parents on both sides prepare the interview questions, it’s never an easy time for the families. No comments about the absurdity or the pressure, or the high valuesness
of this tradition , that is deeply in the eastern culture from Algeria to the mountains of Afghanistan and from Egypt to the land of skyscrapers Emirates,  every family is following this in their own way,  some might have few things added or discarded but at the end its the same story of the Bridgertons in every eastern household.This is a story to be continued , this writer will continue to write about the eastern Tons and seasons of the east with its saucy and spicy traditions…

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