Some details about this art , the idea is taken from an Afghan graffiti artist ,Shamsia Hassani, who’s using her art to record her protest in a war torn, Male dominated society, depriving the women of their basic rights of education and living freely .Although I have made huge changes in her original idea , for example, the sealed lips are portraying her silence, the colours of her dress are carefully chosen according to the traditional style and colours of the Afghan culture, as the Afghan loves green , red ,blue and bright colours, the design on the upper body of the dress is showing the embroidery the Afghan dresses are famous for,  and at the bottom of the dress is an humble effort to make a connection to the symbol of Kabul,  the minarets of the mosque, the girl is holding an instrument but there’s no music,as her lips are sealed , so the caption above was something of an inspiration “جنگ های تو سمفونی مرا از من گرفت ” , meaning “your wars took my symphony away from me”.

Afghanistan has been deprived of peace from more than two decades,  in the name of crimes they never committed, generations of Afghans are destroyed for imperialism, opium and lithium by these Western countries, greedy and hungry for power and resources.Now the control is back in the hands of the Taliban, who were once upon a time “The Freedom Fighters” announced by the west,  when they used them against the Soviets, from Ronald Reagan to Margret Thacher  in 1981 , when she told the Afghan Talibans that “the hearts of the free world are with you”, but later they became a threat and the west created excuses to destroy that beautiful land of mountainous and picturesque landscapes.

In 2022 , Afghanistan is in a devastating condition, with lack of employment, lack of opportunities, lack of safety and freedom to live life , no choice and no possibilities,  the youth is desperate to run away and breath freely ,the elderly are clinging to hold on to whatever is left for them in their war torn homeland. With millions living as refugees , hanging at a straw,  living in fear and suffering. Every single day living with the hope to return to their land, And their famalies in Afghanistan updating them about the dark situation back home,  With Afghanistan falling back into the hands of Taliban who were once simple tribal people,  but now they’re filled with bloodthirsty, ferocious creatures , who only knows the language of terror.

The Afghan women are at the receiving end of this torture in a different way , while the men are suffering aswell without denial,  but at the same time ,due to the lack of education they’re equally suffocating the women by following the orders of the Taliban using the pretext of religion. The women are only allowed to study certain subjects,  they’re prohibited to work in government institutions and especially alongside men . They are not free to choose from the tinest decession of wearing their choice of dress to the huge decessions. The possibility of a peaceful and free life is thin in Afghanistan at the moment, with no likelihood of change in the future yet .

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