There is a category of humans who after committing a sin consider it an opening towards rebellion ,and continue walking towards darkness, they tell themselves that they’re sinners now and there’s no acceptance of their repentance anymore. Whilst there are others who knows and accept their weaknesses and their sins , and find solace in prayers and seek forgiveness.They try harder to perform acts of kindness and compassion which they think might help their soul aswell.

Whereas, there is a completely different category,  they are the ones who drains others energies,  they think that the creator of heaven and earth have left his chair of authority for them to take over , they gave rulings  and verdicts to others, we all have those around us who tell others, “you’re a sinner , you’re going to hell”or  “she/he is going to trials because she/he is a sinner” etc,  they feel so confident in their ignorance that they mislead others aswell.

A scholar Mufti Menk wrote “Don’t look down on others. Remember, we all sin. And we’re all in need of the same forgiveness from the same Creator, who is most Merciful. May the Almighty forgive us all. Aameen” , before we look down at others,  we must question our own soul ,as we are all going to our own graves,  and no one is answerable for others in that world, where everything is recorded.

In Quran Allah says ” Surely We give life to the dead, and We write down what they have sent before and their footprints, and We have recorded everything in a clear writing.” (36:12) , our every deed is recorded,  and it’ll be shown to us . Prophet Muhammad said: “Your best friend is the one who: seeing him reminds you of Allah, speaking to him increases your knowledge, and his actions remind you of the hereafter.”

Select your flock wisely,  be around those who gives you hope in the Sweet mercy of your creator ,he is the most forgiving and kind , in Arabic rahmahAr-Rahman and Ar-Raheem, two of the most important names of Allah derive from this root word. There are people who push others towards darkness,  by saying that they’re beyond redemption.That is infact one of the cause of depression, unfortunately many end up in the hurricane of hopelessness
and eventually opt for dangerous life ending decessions. We must be considerate of others feelings and the effects of our words.

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