“Love is a game
We all getting played
But you can go on
Put that show on
Act like you don’t care
Girl it’s only fair
That I do you
How you do me
But how could that be
When all I wanna do is love you
But it’s okay it’s cool
I ain’t playing fool
No mo
You can fasho
Go fuck yourself
Don’t need your help
I got myself
Don’t need no one else
I hope you understand
The me you once had
Is in the past
No going back
I’m savage now
Girl take a bow
You should be proud of yourself
For the dilapidated ruins
That is my heart now That I’ve come to the conclusion
That you don’t wanna be exclusive”

Aliyah Marie with her expressive & exploring spirit ,is trying to give her soul a voice through music ,she writes music when she’s in a mood, her own amazing way of processing her feelings. An inspiration indeed

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