The on going trial of Amber Heard and Jhonny Deep is driving immense amount of attention,from the fact that they are celebrities to the divulgence of shocking revelations that are being made public through the media coverage of their trail .There’s no debate about Amber Heard’s manipulative mind games and plotting , her actions during their married relationship are shocking without any doubt.But we are ignoring something of great importance here.

The most significant question is why Miss Heard reached to the point of turning herself into an unstable maniac, plotting and hatching harmful dramas? What brings a women to such madness? Especially those women who have always been a stable and logical women.Aside from Amber Heard ,about whom one might say she has the air of a mad as March hare, there are many strong and fair women who turn into a horror movie character,  jealous and treacherous.

There’s a verse in the Quran, from Chapter of Prophet Yusuf PBUH( Joseph) ,verse no 28 “إِنَّ كَيْدَكُنَّ عَظِيمٌ” , “surely your plot is great/vast /intricate” addressing the women who planned to get attention of Prophet Yusuf in her way .The Arabs of that time and men now says , plotting is womens nature ,and use the reference of this verse (if they’re Muslim or have read the Quran ) whilst the commentator says ,when you oppress people when you take away their rights, they end up going to trickery ,and to machinations to get what they want  because they can’t get them any other way.

Indeed Jhonny Deep suffered at her hands , while he was battling addictions and his own struggles,  and whilst doing so ,he must have  been something that brought Heard to the point where she ended up bringing out the monster inside of her , although his faults might be tiny but they had huge repercussions on their relationship.Perhaps she was desperately trying to get his attention in the beginning, tried hard to be with him ,and after she found her mental, emotional and physical needs are unfulfilled,  the abondenment made her hate him more than she loved Jhonny Deep once.Her actions bear resemblance to the behaviour patterns of someone neglected .Although there’s no justification for her actions,  but at the same time a jealous and neglected women is perhaps more minacious than a wild starving animal.

It’s a fact ,one has the similar effect as physical pain when ignored by the one they have feelings for.No wonder great lovers leave the world with everlasting poetries and arts , writings and stories, but some are uncapable of this, they resort to revenge , a weak and useless response.

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