Compassion is a beautiful thing, a rare trait, when one selflessly cares about others , sympathy and empathy makes us human. But the wise one says excess of everything is bad ,especially when one need to recheck the intensity of this trait. According to experts those who have excessive compassion , where they are highly tuned to the energies of the one they are listening to this is called Excessive compassion disorder and Hyper empathy disorder.

When we are listening to someone’s pain and suffering ,some of us embody those emotions we pick from others , if we do not let out those emotions of our ownself , while we are absorbing their pain , that’s a dangerous threshold, especially when one begin to incorporate it to a threatening threshold in personal relationships. When the purpose of empathy is to let your reactions fade away , so you can absorb more and give others the chance to express more.

Some people are good at keeping their senses intact and attuned to their emotions when they’re lending an ear to someone or offering a shoulder, which is healthy, but once they’re attracted to someone who  has loads of behaviour issues,or a baggage of difficult situations, in addition to that sometimes similar and relatable unfortunate experiences, and they seem like in need of empathy and compassion, that’s when one is slip into a alarming situation.Where they stop thinking straight but their feelings take over their good sense of balance and not just that but they hold all of into their bodies. The desperate need to bring comfort to the other one is their only priority.

Infact in some cases one attach those feelings to someone who has toxic personality, they are more into playing games and being in and out, not taking others feelings seriously.Whilst the over compassionate person will always be creating reasons to justify that pernicious and destructive behaviour,  for instance someone you are attracted to shares their childhood trauma with you and later when they begin to have moods , shut you out , play hot and cold , or ghost you. And you go back in your mind to the story where they have mentioned some unhappy childhood memories Or if they had experienced an accident,  or loss of a loved one. You might drain yourself with worry, imagining about situations they might have been, so they’re treating you in such a manner.whilst they might be living their life,hanging out with friends, smoking and trying out new beverages and clubs. Isn’t Your Excessive Compassion Sabbotaging Your Personal Relationships ?

Isn’t it when one need to take a step back at this point? To comprehend the situation and save yourself first from the damage they’re inflicting,  Ofcourse its not easy , especially when heart the heart is not willing to listen. It seems like a betrayal that we are not there for them when perhaps they need us more , but that’s when we need to remind ourselves that its time to protect our ownself first , before we think about helping them,  because your own instability and excess is never going to help anyone. Bring yourself to the level where your own energies are neutral and in complete control of your emotions, when you’ll be in command,  they’ll sense that power and understand that its time to either change themselves or you’ll realize that you’re of no help to them and its time to take a step back.

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