Whilst drawing this image, I imagined the life of these birds sitting on the branches, waiting for the daylight to come, rain or shine, they wake up, get ready, dust and oil their wings,  perhaps put on a fresh coat of makeup,  and leave their nests, from dawn till dusk,  there’s no change or day off in their routine, do you know what drives them? It’s their need to survive, to hunt for food and water, for their own selves and their families.

What drives you?? this question is vital for every human being, it’s a driving force that keeps us alive. We realize its importance in a completely different way when we are going through a rough patch in life or a phase of depression. When the tiniest everyday task like getting out of bed, washing the face, eating meals seems like climbing mountains, and we begin asking ourselves, why do I wake up? Why do I wash up, why should I eat? When there seems to be no reason in our minds, we lose our sense of purpose, our driving force, we end up in a dead state.

What drives you in life is absolutely important, some people are driven by passion or responsibilities, others are driven by their desire to prove to others they’re very important, for many, love is their driving force , their families or their children, they wakeup & move mountains for them. Many people don’t mind sitting in a cubicle from morning till late in the evening,  working like a mule, without complaining, because they know they have their reasons, that energies them, same goes for those who are working in high-risk jobs, putting their lives in danger.

The reason people fall into depression and stress is that they stop feeling this motivation, they begin telling themselves that everything is useless, life has no meaning. In other words, they stop driving themselves, refuse to refuel, this is the reason they are found on a sofa and feel unable to lift themselves every day,  the reason to do something is what keeps us moving, the day we give up on those reasons, that’s the moment our driving forces fade away and we begin to fade as well, to recharge and reclaim those energies, one must need to ask themselves, what drives me? And hold on to that for survival.

In many Eastern Muslim countries, the ratio of depression is very low as compared to the West, one of its reason is strong family structures, which comes along with responsibilities, many are ladened with the burden of taking care of everyone around them, from buying a home to providing every necessity of life,it might sound tiring and burdensome, but it’s one of the strongest driving force when you have to live for others, the endless energy you need and hold on to.

Ibn Umar reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace, and blessings be upon him, said, “Be in this world as if you were a stranger or a traveler along a path.”, you’ve to continue to rediscover and find reasons to live, because this life is not forever believer or not, you’re eventually going back. So live it to its fullest whilst you can.

By Khush Beyg

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