I was standing at the metro bus station, holding my card to get it recharged and the amount I had was way too much for the card , so I had to ask around if anyone could give me a loose change, so I don’t waste all the  money on a recharge, I saw some gentleman whom I later learned were from Nigeria and one of them was from Cameroon,when I asked them for help ,instead of taking money from me first , they simple gave me some papermoney and respectably said “sister go ahead and charge your card”, they refused to take the money back from me ,I have witnessed this humble and respectful attitude in abundance from the African continent,its a harsh reality the people with dark skins are often looked down upon by many socities and racist cultures,they’re treated differently in many countries of the world, so much that the dark skin is synonymous to crimes, theft and violence , gang crimes and alot more , whilst the reality is far distant from this image .It’s an absolutely horrible fact that a huge number of humans have categorized attributes according to the colours of the skin , this practice has swept into all parts of the world uninvitedly.

We align fine attributes ,manners, education, high class, developed nations with the white skin , everything up to par is for the white skin and anything disastrous is for the black skin , when the truth is , The people with the darkest skin have the brightest souls , if you travel to Africa or even meet elderly living in the west from ages , they’re full of wisdom,  their eyes and faces are radiant,  humbleness oozing out, they treat others with values and  respect, generous and welcoming, no greed or materialism.I’m not suggesting that none among them can be bad ,there indeed are plenty,as they’re all humans aswell and we are full of mistakes, though the majority of them are misrepresented due to the racist eyes of the world, who only see their chocolate colour skins and label them a dangerous category.Its not the colour of your skin that decides if you are evil or angle,but the way you treat others.My experience with these people have always been so wonderful that I feel its warmth for years to come. Unlike the cold westners , they’re warm and  friendly,  eager to help and communicative. This world needs their bright hearts indeed

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