Please join us for the next 48hrs as we crash the #DemDebate and implore our current presidential candidates to speak out about NSA whistle-blower and USAF Veteran Reality Winner.

If you want to help we have created some pre-made tweets to get you started!

Please use the hash-tag #RealityWinner and #DemDebate together, tag political candidates and remind them who Reality Winner is.

Over these next two days please create your own art and poster to go along with your tweet, we are firm believers in activism art, show yours.

If you wish to find out more information about Reality Winner and how you can show your support and send her letters please visit


The FBI admitted in open court that they violated #RealityWinner’s constitutional rights and even though she is a USAF Veteran none of the current presidential candidates seem to care about Reality Winner or have even mentioned her name. #DemDebate


As presidential candidates pretend to be combatting Trump, we would like to introduce to a woman who actually did, her name is #RealityWinner. She was sentenced to 5 yrs after being denied due process which is a violation of her constitutional rights


Reality Winner released evidence that the Russian GRU used a phishing scheme to try & infiltrate our election system. Every major news agency on the planet spewed about #RussiaGate ad nauseum while completely ignoring & demonizing #RealityWinner #DemDebate

By doing the most patriotic thing and releasing that classified document Reality Winner is then treated as an unpatriotic perpetrator of espionage and not the decorated United States Air Force Veteran that she is. Say her name! #DemDebate #RealityWinner

Fan Art For Profile Pic (@Lizseeds0311)

We need to be Reality’s voice, we need to scream from the rooftops about the injustices in her case and implore the masses to stand with Reality Winner until she is free and please take the time to write her #FreeRealityWinner #DemDebate

Kingsville got your back

.#RealityWinner grew up in Kingsville, Tex., where she attended H.M. King High School. She then entered active duty in Dec 2010 & served for 6 yrs earning the Air Force Commendation Medal and all the presidential candidates are silent about her #DemDebate

SeeSomethingCapeJail “This condemned law provides no space to distinguish the extraordinary disclosure of inappropriately classified information in the public interest whistleblowing from the disclosure of secrets to foreign governments” -Snowden #RealityWinner #DemDebate

Salvation FBI arrested #RealityWinner  for violating federal law that prohibits the distribution of classified defense information. Whistleblowers and Leakers are not traitors they are truth tellers #FreeRealityWinner and amend Whistleblower laws #DemDebate

MomFace's Favorite .#RealityWinner has spent her entire adult life serving her country her service in the Air Force began when she was only 18 , she received the Air Force Commendation Medal. She now sits in federal prison & all the candidate’s running ignore her #DemDebate

Reality Porfile Pic 1

The 5th Amendment protects people from incriminating themselves, the Amendment provides the right to legal counsel, but law enforcement authorities get around these constitutional protections by doing “Noncustodial Interrogations”. #FreeReality #DemDebate

Colorful flag

the Espionage Act in which #RealityWinner is charged with is a century-old statute which threatens protected, journalistic activity, discouraging sources and reporters alike from working together, amend whistleblower laws #DemDebate


.#RealityWinner was arrested by FBI agents shortly after the Intercept published a story containing an NSA report on Russian efforts to interfere with the 2016 election. She was charged under the Espionage Act & sentenced to over 5 yrs #DemDebate

Reality Caged For Trying To Help

#RealityWinner ‘s lawyers argued in court tht they believe the government ignores “serious constitutional problems” raised by their interpretation of the statute an unconstitutionally overbroad interpretation & a violation of the #1stAmendment.” #DemDebate

flag image

We invite everyone help us crash the #DemDebate’s on 6/26 & 6/27 in support of USAF Veteran Reality Winner who was sentence to 5 yrs for leaking a classified document. Please join us for a 48hr storm and lets not let the powers that be forget her name #RealityWinner


It’s sickening to me that the US government can type some words on a piece of paper and completely turn a families world upside down. The government wants to silence Reality and they are going to great lengths to achieve this. #RealityWinner


Once you have completed the sheet you can go through it again if you wish, just change each tweet in your own way and we left space on some tweets to do so. For example if you try to tweet and it says “you have already sent this tweet” if you just add a “-” to the beginning of the tweet you will be able to tweet it again.


Created by WEDA

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