Our net neutrality is at risk, in 2015 the FCC passed laws officially putting Net Neutrality into effect. What is Net Neutrality? The term was coined by Tim Wu in a paper he wrote which is easily accessible online. It consist of the idea that the web is neutral and not faster or slower based of the political or economic desires of major conglomerates like AT&T or Comcast. For instance AT&T or Comcast would charge you more for their fast internet or charge Netflix more to use their servers thus raising consumer prices hurting our pockets. The internet Armageddon doesn’t end there, small business and start-ups would be crushed. Internet entrepreneurs would be stymied by this law as well.


This is the greatest risk to our internet freedom since the Stop Online Piracy Act or SOPA that revolutionized the world to stand up for our internet freedoms, well sadly that day is upon us again. We must be that geeky kid who reaches out and punches the bully again. We have to please put our differences aside and come together for this one cause because as of right now it seems as if no one gives a fuck. We all have opinions views aspirations and ambitions that’s what makes us, us. I will keep begging the collective masses to please stop bickering please stop being distracted with nonsensical babblers or fables that have no interest or baring on the movement. I wrote in a recent blog “we need to protect the truths as they be before there is no hacktivism, no revolution, no expect us, nothing” or something along those lines my point is we have to look within before we can project our vision upon anyone else.

The WikiLeaks beef


WikiLeaks is not Anonymous and Anonymous isn’t WikiLeaks. There are outside entities disseminating false propaganda about discourse between the two but it is important to know their has never been relationship to be ruined. These incidences are seeds planted by hostile outside forces that neither have Anonymous or WikiLeaks in their best interest. We must not allow ourselves to be distracted. Vault 7 happens and less than a week later Anonymous hates WikiLeaks? Fuckin think about it and in the mean time don’t involve me in any of this bullshit I will not have any further opinions. I’m going to continue to protect truths as they be and not as I see them meaning I keep my opinions to myself and recycle the truth as we all should. Net Neutrality is at risk and we’re debating Assange? It baffles me. Please join the WEDA Coalition in Solidarity with any Anon no matter your views or background, no voice should be silenced especially the ones you don’t want to hear. Let’s come together as that one geeky kid again and punch that bully in his fuckin mouth.

Whose internet!?

#OurInternet !



Fides Infinitum

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