Clinton lost the national election for many reasons if you ask me, but the reason that stood out the most during this campaign was the 30 years of political baggage she brought with her into this campaign. It was the rampant corruption carried out by the DNC as if we as American people were blind to the fewest debates in a primary ever and then Wikileaks just confirmed what we all knew.
 That the Democratic establishment rigged the election for Hillary Clinton only for her to fail and be defeated by a man who has never held public office. Its not Director Comey’s fault Hillary Clinton chose the easy way to the Whitehouse and it backfired on her. Fact is Director Comey was ordered by Congress to inform them of any new developments that may come up in the investigation, not only because Congress wanted to know, but also because they wanted the American people to be informed. 

Hillary Clinton lost because she wasn’t even suppose to be on the ticket and is not who the American people wanted to lead the Democratic party against the rising populist movement of Donald Trump. We voted for, donated to and got blisters on our feet for Bernie Sanders not Hillary Clinton and we were expected to be good little Democratic citizens and vote for our parties candidate even though the Democratic greed and corruption were quite literally leaking out everyday.
I’m sorry DNC and Hillary but did you think that you were going to stick a thumb in the eye of 11 million Americans and expect to win a national election? A few months back I was asked by our little news entity here to look into the death of a young DNC staffer who many believed was the source behind the DNC leaks and who was later murdered walking home from girlfriends house. As I said in the Seth Rich Files I strongly believe Seth Rich was murdered because of what he knew but it had nothing to do with Wikileaks. It is my opinion that Seth Rich was going to blow the whistle on election fruad more specifically voter fraud and had his life taken from him because of it. 


This didn’t immediately grab our attention until we realised that the app he created to help voters find polling places close to their home has vanished from all existence, no record of its development or programming anywhere. I believe while researching and building the app that Seth Rich came across voter fraud being conducted against the American people thus he knew too much and had to be silenced. If the murder Seth Rich doesn’t bring chills to your soul then maybe the murder of Victor Thorn, Shawn Lucas and John Ash who all died within 20 days after or before the murder of Seth Rich will.
I am not a conspiracy theorist in fact I hate conspiracies I’d much rather be presented with factual evidence rather then ones view on said evidence or ones theory for that matter. So please excuse the conspiracy stuff just thought it had to be mentioned.

Election Justice USA came out with a report which concluded that a total of 184 delagates were stolen from Bernie Sanders during the Primaries and if you do simple math you will come to the conclusion that Bernie Sanders won the Primaries and I think the National election results prove that. Americans rebelled at the notion of being force fed a political candidate because what we ended up with in the end is Donald Trump as Americans we were dealt up shit on shingle and we didn’t eat it. 


Those of you who did buy into Hillary’s lies are angry now protesting a Democratic election even saying the Russians rigged it but these are the same people who relentlessly chastised Berners for calling out election fruad then we were seen as sore losers and basement dwellers out of touch with reality. Us basement dwellers never burnt American flags or assaulted those who disagreed with our views. Those who are protesting have no one to blame but themselves, be mad that you participated in the greatest ponzi scheme in American history, be mad that your candidates chief of staff likes pizza, be mad that you elected Donald Trump as president of the United States, be mad that the Democratic party put forth a candidate as fake as one of Bill Clintons girlfriend’s botox, be mad at Hillary Clinton no one else.

By @theriverkid413

Edited by @Dapeaple

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