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Clinton Crime Family Victims - 3July 2016 – Seth Rich dead at what authorities claimed was a robbery. Not a single thing was taken off his body during the robbery but Seth Rich was shot twice in the back.

June 2016 – John Ashe dead at what authorities claimed was a heart attack. The authorities later changed their story…they then claimed Ashe died when he dropped a barbell on his own throat while weightlifting.

August 2016 – Victor Thorn found dead by what authorities claim was a “self-inflicted gunshot” while hiking near his home.

August 2016 – Shawn Lucas found dead. Authorities are refusing to release the cause of death.

So, you might just  want to ask yourself…Really? Yup, and they all had one thing in common…Anti-Clinton. And all of those dead men were in the process of bringing to light crimes by Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Do you think they are the only…

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