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Bernie Sanders first came to my attention while doing a piece on Coal Ash, when looking into Bills and Laws surrounding coal and the enviroment. He was consistantly in support of our mother Earth, I grew more interest when he didnt vote for the invasion of Iraq which military pundits and experts were saying would undoubtedly destablize the region in the Mddle-East. The Military Industrial Complex needs war and our brave men and women stand on the frontlines of the longest war in American History, let that sink in.


What is the the Complex? Ask Barrett Brown, scratch that you can’t. Why? Because he was locked away sentenced to 105 years, for what? Doing something we do everyday five times before breakfast copying a link and then pasting it. To retweet something, if you will? Barrett Brown never even opened the link. Barrett Brown’s story is studied in my class at IT because he’s honest and un-filtered un-like your Google search.

the bern notice

I suggest using or maybe if you’d like to reseach Barrett’s case and his work on your own behalf. Barrett Brown did in fact not get 105 years and he will be out in 2017, but thats not the point the point is that this mans rights we thrown to whims stepped on litarlly, physically, figuratively, mentally, socially and any other way imaginable or concievable.

the bern notice

THAT’S WHY I’M FEELING THE BERN!!! Feeling the Bern because of our Rights and the Rights of those that always seem to be forgotten. For Syrian refugee’s, for Chicago! For Michigan! For our trees:;) and the air we breath and the air our children are or will breath.For Sandy Hook:-( and every tradgety before and after. Because BLACK LIVES MATTER and we still cant breath. For our PRIVACY. To assure our liberties and last but must certianly not least our animals.







Please Support The Bern Movie anyway you can!

Stand Up! Speak Out! Host watch parties back the film on KickStarter

CSPAN footage cost $40 a second which is extremely grotesque considering the footage is owned by the People.

Spread the word The WEDA Coalition is #BerningUpStill because its always and forever will be #BernieOrBust!

We the people

Exuding fre speech

Deserve nothing less then




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