“It’s time for new beginnings
Time for me to start living
My life the way I want to
Imma stop playing fool
I’m too intelligent for you
Haha just kidding
The worst thing a smart person can do
Is think that they’re smart
I’mma just do my part
Take care of the fam
Make bread
Just stop giving a damn
About the events that lead
UpTo my broken heart
Damn girl you tore that shit apart
That was days ago tho
From now on you just a hoe
Nothing mo
Back to me tho
I’m no longer just surviving
I’m actually thriving
I feel so alive and
Ready to take on the world
It’s me and my people
Til the day I die
I’m gon ride
For them and them alone
Loyalty over love is the main code
I’m in a mode
Man I done been chose
My future over the streets
So focused on these beats
Can’t see shit
Tunnel vision
My dreams ain’t that far away
God legit tells me that everyday
After I sit by my self and pray
For me there is no other way
To make my dreams come true
All I gotta do Is tell myself the truth
I’m dope
I got the craziest mind
Coming up with all these rhymes
Gotta stop wasting time
On people who just tolerate me
I wanna be appreciated
Uh oh
Here I go
Ready for whatever life is preparing for me
Sometimes I just sit and think
I wanna go back to being a kid
Instead of feeling like I’m abouta sink
Down further in this quicksand
I often
Feel so stuck
Like I’ll never get outta this rut
Like I’ll never be outta the mud
But I believe that one day
I’ll have everything I could ever want and more
Just gotta be patient
Be patient and
Keep waiting
Imma buy my mom a mansion
Make shit happen
Mom I love you
There’s nothing I won’t do
To make you proud of me
Make you happy as can be
Hold on to my words
Listen when I say
I won’t stop til I’m at the top
No I won’t dripity drop
Won’t be a flop
Gonna be here forever and mop
The floor with the competition
You’ll never find me with the oppositions
Im a leader
Never follow
Sometimes it’s a hard pill to swallow
Knowing that I’ll forever be hollowSometimes it’s a hard pill to swallow
Knowing that I’ll forever be hollow”

Aliyah Marie
 with her expressive & exploring spirit ,is trying to give her soul a voice through music ,she writes music when she’s in a mood, her own amazing way of processing her feelings. An inspiration indeed

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